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Prospettive somaestetiche sulla teoria e la pratica

Esperienza estetica

2023, Mimesis Edizioni.

English Description:
Richard Shusterman's thought today represents an important reference point within the philosophical debate, in general, and aesthetics, in particular. Starting from a philosophical-analytical background but opening early on to the stimuli offered by pragmatism and maintaining a dialogue with "continental" authors and traditions of thought as well, Shusterman has offered original and stimulating contributions on a wide variety of contemporary aesthetic practices, focusing on the reevaluation of aesthetic experience as a whole and, above all, on the recovery of the dimension of corporeality and pleasure. This has also proved to be extremely useful and fruitful from a philosophical point of view in order to liberate aesthetic inquiry from any schematic, merely dichotomous and abstract subdivision of the arts into "low" and "high," "popular" and "serious," and in order to elevate the bodily dimension as a whole, in its unique capacity to unite nature and culture. Of this and much more Shusterman's essays selected for this collection of his writings in Italian offer exemplary testimony.

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Review from  Disicipline Filosofiche (2023). Click here for an English Translation.

Review from Studi di Estetica 27 (2023). Click here for an English Translation.

Translation of "Aesthetic Experience and the Powers of Possession"

Doświadczenie estetyczne

Polish Translation

Biblioteka Elementów (2023)

Translations of The Adventures of the Man in Gold

Chinese Cover of The Adventures of the Man in Gold

Chinese Translation

金衣人历险记, (Anhui Education Publishing House, 2020)

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Translations of Thinking Through the Body

Polish Book Cover

Polish Translation

Myslenie ciala: Eseje z zakresu somaestetyki, (Warsaw 2016) 

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Hungarian Translation

A Gondolkodo Test: Szomaesztetikai Esszek, (Hungarian Edition: Budapest, 2015)




Chinese Translation

现货 通过身体来思考:身体美学理查德·舒斯特曼北京大学出版社 (Peking University Press, 2020)

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Translations of Surface and Depth


Chinese Translation of Surface and Depth (2014)

Translations of Somatic Style


Korean translation of "Somatic Style" in Aesthetics of Style (2013)

Stili Di Vita Qualche Istruzione Per L'Uso. Mimesis Edizioni, 2012

Stili Di Vita: Qualche Istruzione Per L'Uso . Milan: Mimesis Edizioni, 2012

Translations of The Object of Literary Criticism

L'Objet de la critique littéraire

L'Objet de la critique littéraire . Paris: Questions Théoriques, 2009.

Translations of Body Consciousness

Body Consciousness 2nd ed Polish

Polish Translation of Body Consciousness

Świadomość Ciała: Dociekania Z Zakresu Somaestetyki . Trans. Sebastian Stankiewicz and Wojciech Małecki. Ed. Krystyna Wilkoszewska. 2nd ed. Kraków: Towarzystwo Autorów I Wydawców Prac Naukowych Universitas, 2016.


Italian Translation of Body Consciousness:A Philosophy of Mindfulness and Somaesthetics

Conscienza del Corpo: La Filosofia Come Arte di Vivere e la Somaesthetica. Trans. Salvadore Tedesco and Valeria Constanza D'Agata: Milano, Christian Marinotti Edizioni, (2013).

Conscience du corps

Conscience du corps: Pour une soma-esthétique. Paris: l’éclat, 2007 (In French).

Reviews of Conscience du corps: Pour une soma-esthétique.

2nd ed.: Paris: l’éclat, 2008

Korean Edition

몸의 미학: 신체미학 - 솜에스테틱스.Trans. by Lee Hyijin. Seoul: Book Korea, 2010. (Korean trans. with a special preface for the Korean edition).

Reviews of Body Consciousness (Korean) (English Translation)

Chinese Body Consciousness Cover

身体意识与身体美学. Trans. Cheng Xiangzhan. Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2011. (Chinese trans. with a special preface for the Chinese edition).

Consciencia Corporal

Consciência Corporal. São Paulo, Brazil: E Realizacoes, 2012 (Portuguese)

Review of Consciência Corporal (2012)

Review of Consciência Corporal (2014)

Translations of Performing Live

book cover

Le Style a l'etat vif.Paris: Questions Theoriques, 2015. (In French)

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eibliche Erfahrung in Kunst und Lebenstil

Leibliche Erfahrung in Kunst und Lebenstil . Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2005. (In German with new introduction and three different chapters)

Performing Live Chinese

Beijing: Peking U P, 2007. (In Chinese)

Performing Live Cover

삶의 미학- 예술의 종언 이후 미학적 대안. Seoul: Ehak Publishing Company, 2012. (Korean)

Translations of Practicing Philosophy

Japanese version of Practicing Philosophy book cover

プラグマティズムと哲学の実践 [単行本], 世織書房 2012. (In Japanese)

Review from Tosho Shimbun 3060

Praktyka Filozofii

Praktyka Filozofii, Filozofia Praktyki . Krakow, Universitas, 2005. (In Polish with new preface)

Practice ChineseBeijing: Peking U P, 2002. (In Chinese with new preface)

Chat Vivre la philosophie . Paris: Klincksiek, 2001. (In French with new preface)

Review from Chorus

German Practicing Philosophy Philosophie als Lebenspraxis . Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2001. (In German with new preface and a revised chapter)

Translations of Pragmatist Aesthetics

Pragmatist Aesthetics (Russian)

Прагматическая эстетика: живая красота, переосмысление искусства (Russian). Trans. Marina Kukartseva et al.
Moscow: Kanon+ Publishers, 2012

Estetica pragmatista Italian front cover

Estetica pragmatista (Italian). Aesthetica edizioni, Palermo, 2010.Translation by Teresa di Folco.

Estetica Pragmatista (In Romanian with new preface)

Italian Reviews Here

Estetica Pragmatista. Iasi: Institutul European, 2004. (In Romanian with new preface)

Pragmatista Esztétika (In Hungarian)

Pragmatista Esztétika . Poszony: Kalligram, 2003. (In Hungarian with new preface by the author and afterward by Jószef Kollár)

Estetika Pragmatizmu (In Spanish) Estetika Pragmatizmu . Bratislava: Kalligram, 2003. (In Slovakian with new preface by the author and afterward by Zdenka Kalnická)

Estética Pragmatista (In Spanish) Estética Pragmatista. Barcelona: Idea Books, 2002. (In Spanish with new preface.)

Beijing: The Commercial Press2nd ed.: Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2002. (In Chinese with new preface by the author and introduction by Peng Feng)



2nd ed.: Seoul: Yejun, 2002. (In Korean with new preface.)

Korean 2nd Edition

2nd Korean Edition: Seoul: Book Korea Publishers, 2009. (Revised with a new preface.)

Tokyo: Keiso Shobo

Tokyo: Keiso Shobo, 1999. (In Japanese with new preface by the author and introduction by Fuminori Akiba)



(2nd Polish Edition) Estetyka pragmatyczna: Zynw piekno i refleksja nad sztuka. Krakow: Wydanie, 2015

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Estetyka pragmatyczna (In Polish)

Estetyka pragmatyczna: Zywe piekno i refleksja nad sztuka. Wroclaw: U of Wroclaw P, 1998. (In Polish with new preface by the author and introductions by Adam Chmielewski and Leszek Koczanowicz)

Vivendo a Arte
Vivendo a Arte: O Pensamento Pragmatistist e a Estética Popular. Sao Paolo: Editora 34, 1998. (In Portugeuse with new preface for Brazil and new appendix)

Taide, elämä ja estetiika
Taide, elämä ja estetiika: Pragmatistinen filosofia ja estetiika . Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 1997. (In Finnish with new preface)

Kunst Leben
Kunst Leben: die Ästhetik des Pragmatismus . Frankfurt: Fischer, 1994 (In German with new preface). Reviews of Kunst Leben: die Ästhetik des Pragmatismus.


French Pragmatist Aestheticsl
L’art à l’état vif: la pensée pragmatiste et l’esthétique populaire . Paris: Minuit, 1991 (In French with new preface). Reviews of L’art à l’état vif: la pensée pragmatiste et l’esthétique populaire.

Other Works

 L’art à l’état vif: la pensée pragmatiste et l’esthétique populaire

Philosophy of Somaesthetics and Culture: Human Being, Movement, Worldmaking (Tokyo: Keiso Shobo, 2019)


   Philosophy of Somaesthetics and Culture: Human Being, Movement, Worldmaking

情感与行动:实用主义之道, 商务印书馆. Act and Affect: Paths of Pragmatism (trans). Gao Yanping. Shanghai: The Commercial Press, (2018).

Review Essay: 

Yao Wen Fang, “Starting from Affect and Stepping toward Act : Comments on Richard Shusterman's Affect and Act:Paths of Pragmatism,” International Aesthetics,(Beijing), vol.32 (2020), 223-240."􏰳发乎情,止乎行动——评舒斯特曼《 情感与行动》",  姚文放《外国美学》32辑,2020,pp.223-240


New Pragmatic Aesthetics

A Study of Shusterman's New Pragmatic Aesthetics

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Chinese book

Body Turning and Aesthetic Transformation: Richard Shusterman's Thoughts on Body Aesthetic

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Somaesthetics Art of Living

Szomaesztetika es az elet muveszete trans. by Kremer Sandor (Hungarian edition),Kiado: Jatep Press, 2015

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book cover

Chemins de l'art. Transfigurations, du pragmatisme au zen, with Afterword by Arthur Danto. Raphaël Cuir, trans. Paris and Brussels: Al Dante Aka - Cellule éditoriale de l'Académie royale des beaux arts de Bruxelles, 2013.

O stuze I zyciu. Od poetyki hip-hopu do filozofii somatycznej. Wroclaw: Alta 2, 2007. (Collection of articles and interviews translated into Polish). With Wojciech Malecki.

La fin de l’expérience esthétique . Pau: Presse Universitaire de Pau, 1999. (In French)

La modernité en questions . Paris: Cerf, 1998. Eds. Shusterman, et al. (In French)

Sous l’interprétation . Paris: Éditions de l’éclat, 1994. (In French)


Vor der Interpretation: Sprache und Erfahrung in Hermeneutik, Dekonstruktion und Pragmatismus . Vienna: Passagen, 1996.
(German translation of Sous l’interprétation with new preface).

Reviews of Vor der Interpretation:

In Frankfurter Allegemeine (1996)

Der Tagesspiegel (March 2, 1997)

Dtsch Z. Philos (1997)

Aesthetics: vol. 5 of Sources for the Study of Philosophy in High School. Jerusalem: Ministry of Education, 1986. Eds. Shusterman, et al. (In Hebrew)