English Graduate Student Society (EGSS)

EGSS 2014 Officers

EGGS 2014 Officers: Shari Lefler, Jessica Furth, Adam Phillips, Jamie White, & Lisa Chiles

The English Graduate Student Society (EGSS) is a society for the promotion and support of the English graduate students at FAU.

EGSS organizes an open biannual conference every Fall and Spring semester for those within the graduate program to showcase their current academic research and writing. A biannual picnic is also organized for students, alumni, faculty, friends, and family to get together off campus and welcome incoming English graduate students.

Through these events, EGSS is able to benefit FAU's English graduate program by providing opportunities for students to share work, experience public reading, sit on a conference panel (a first for many), and to bring lovers of language together.

2014 EGSS Picnic

2014 EGSS Picnic