What parents say about TOPS Piano and Creative Writing Camp ...

"My son had an amazing week at TOPS. He started out concerned that he could not accomplish what he was being taught. The staff were very nurturing in helping him get ready for the end of week recital. Mr Edgar and Ms. Isidora are amazing!! He cannot wait to go back next summer!! Thank you TOPS!! "

"I am a parent who believes in classical education. And part of that is professional instructions in music especially piano. TOPS does that and much more. I love the top notch teachers. I love the writing component. I love world drums. I love the professionalism and caring of Mr Edgar.  I love the recitals. I love the exposure to the FAU campus. I only wish they would accept me as a student. ....so much that I think this is a perfect example of parents making their kids do what they wish they could do:). Thank you TOPS! "

"I didn't get a chance to say good bye and thank you for a great tops camp this year. My girls had a wonderful time and can't wait to come back next year. Thank you to all of the Tops team for making it a great one."

“This camp was a FANTASTIC experience for my son who is a novice piano player, two of my nephews who are pretty good players and my niece and other nephew who had NEVER played the piano before.”

 “OMG, my children really love going to this camp! It is absolutely one of my favorites of all the different camps they've been to. This camp improves a child's academic, physical & social skills and at the same times teaches them discipline and boosts their self-esteem! To the Director, thanks for making camp so much fun! My kids enjoy being around you!!! Xoxo”

"I finally just got a chance to say THANK YOU!! What a week Eva had there!..I was amazed and touched to see the performances that were put on Friday night. I was the mom that came over to crying after!..Eva was in the class of the week of June 23rd! I am so proud of her and what she accomplished in that 1 week and so impressed as to what she was taught and introduced to. The drumming was just unbelievable! My brother who is a drummer, watched the video of it that I posted on FB and now he wants to find a drum circle as he did it years ago and loved it!! I never knew Eva was so coordinated! I just want to say how thankful I am that she had the experience and I cannot wait to send her back next year." 

"Just want you to know how fabulous we think you are!! This was such an amazing experience for all of us!! Especially Alyson! Thanks again for all your hard work!!!!""We wanted to thank you for giving Margo a great summer experience. She really enjoyed herself and learned so much. The whole staff was great and Mr Fergile was a wonderful addition this summer. We wish everyone a wonderful year and look forward to next summer."  

"AJ still talks about his time at TOPS and suspect he will through to next summer when he returns. He really enjoyed his time there and both Debra and I were very impressed with what you did with the kids. Having them learn and perform music was one thing, but giving them the opportunity to speak to an audience is an experience and lesson that will serve them well in life."

"I just wanted to let you know how much TOPS has contributed to my daughters' life. She has been given a gift from the soloist piano teacher, Ms Isidora; a love of music. What a joy to see my daughter's eyes light up when she talks about creating a "story" with music. I cannot thank you enough for the experience my daughter has gone through. From Mr Edgar to all of the nurturing and wonderful teachers- a Big Thank You! We will be back next summer."  

"My daughter Madeline was only able to attend TOPS Piano camp for 1 week this summer due to other commitments, however I wish she had more weeks because it was such a wonderful experience. Madeline is shy and had only a few weeks of group piano lessons under her belt when she started. The fact that the instructors were able to gently encourage her and teach her a solo and duet that she performed in front of a group is truly amazing in my eyes. Thank you for the program."

"I want to thank you so much for making TOPS Piano Camp available at FAU, and for having such a wonderful staff at the camp. I am an FAU alumni, and was so happy to see that my children could learn at the same campus where their mom graduated from. They first started TOPS almost ten years ago as students. In the last 2 years, under the tutelage of Edgar, they enjoyed and prospered through their volunteering work at TOPS. Their piano instructor and I see that they have applied what they experience at camp to their piano practice technique and performance. These experiences are invaluable, and I wanted to share with you what you, Edgar, and everyone at TOPS Piano Camp have bestowed upon our family and I'm sure in some ways, everyone attending the camp. We look forward to future attendance and continued correspondence with everyone at TOPS."  

"I just want to send you my appreciation for creating this piano/creative writing summer camp. This year is our first year attending, but wow my children not only enjoyed the hard work but also had so much fun! It's so hard to find high quality summer program in our community, this summer my boys (6 and 12) learned so much.Thank you for this experience and we definitely will return next year with a few more cousins."

"My daughter Lauren did 2 sessions and loved it! I cannot say enough about how impressed we have been with Edgar and the camp. After all day at the camp, Lauren comes home and jumps on the piano for more! The interest and enthusiasm she came home with is very precious. Not only did she enjoy piano playing, she also liked the creative writing and putting together a play for the recital, which was a real treat for the parents. Not only did the creative writing counselor do different things from session to session, she nurtured the kids with their idea to do a play. That was awesome. Edgar, we would like to have you again directing/managing the camp next year! In fact, keep the whole staff for the future please."