Faculty accomplishments

The quality of the philosophy program at FAU is enhanced by an active research faculty that produces numerous professional publications, both at the national and the international levels. 

Below are listed recent faculty accomplishments, including recent publications, with a link to access the publication when available.

For a full list of faculty accomplishments and publications, please consult the faculty CVs, which can be accessed at the bottom of each faculty member's page.  The faculty member pages can be accessed by clicking on individual names on the department faculty page.


Recent Publications


Marina P. Banchetti


  • From Atoms to Living Systems: A Chemical and Philosophical Journey into Modern and Contemporary Science, with Giovanni Villani (under contract with Oxford University Press) – Forthcoming in 2022

  • The Chemical Philosophy of Robert Boyle: Mechanicism, Chymical Atoms, and Emergence (Oxford: Oxford University Press) – Link  Link  Link

  • "The Limits of Classical Extensional Mereology for the Formalization of Whole-Parts Relations in Quantum Chemical Systems", in Philosophies, Special Issue on Logic and Science, edited by Fabien Pailluson, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp. 1-16 –  Link Link
  • "The Changing Relation Between Atomicity and Elementarity From Lavoisier to Dalton”, in What is a Chemical Element? A Collection of Essays by Chemists, Philosophers, Historians, and Educators, edited by Elena Ghibaudi and Eric Scerri (Oxford: Oxford University Press) – Link Link
  • "The Inadequacy of Husserlian Formal Mereology for the Regional Ontology of Quantum Chemical Wholes", in Thomas Seebohm on the Foundation of the Sciences: An Analysis and Critical Appraisal, edited by Thomas Nenon, Series: Contributions to Phenomenology (Dordrecht: Springer, 2020), pp. 135-151 – Link  Link

Justin Bernstein


  • "The Case for 'Contributory Ethics': or How to Think About Individual Morality in a Time of Global Problems" (with Travis Rieder), Ethics, Policy, and Environment, DOI: 10.1080/21550085.2020.1848188 –  Link   Link

  • "Building Trust While Influencing Online COVID-19 Content in a Socially Mediated World", with Rupali Limaye, Molly Sauer, Joe Ali, Brian Wahl, Anne Barnhill, and Alain Labrique, The Lancet Digital Health, Vol. 6, pp. 277-278.

  • “Against the Public Goods Conception of Public Health", with Pierce Randal, Public Health Ethics - Forthcoming

Simon Glynn


  • The Economic Logic of Late Capitalism and teh Inevitable Triumph of Socialism (New York: Palgrave) - Forthcoming

  • "The Postmodern Constitution of an Ethics of Empathy", in Anthology of Philosophical Studies, Vol. 14 (Athens, Greece: Athens Institute for Education and Research) - Forthcoming

  • "Alternative Realities and Why Truly 'There is Nothing Outside the Text'", in Proceedings of the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy (Beijing: Beijing University) - Forthcoming

  • "The Demise of Objective Verification, and the Case for Instrospective Human and Social Sciences", in Proceedings of the XXIV World Congress of Philosophy (Beijing: Beijing University) - Forthcoming

  • "Democracy, Liberalism, Torture, and Extra-Judicial Assassination", in Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy (Ohio: Philosophy Documentation Center) - Forthcoming

  • "The Methodology of the Human and Social Science", in Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences (Schenzen, China: Atlantis Press) - Forthcoming

Carol S. Gould


  • "Psychoanalysis, Imagination, and Imaginative Resistance: A Genesis of the Post-Freudian World", in Imagination and Art: Explorations in Contemporary Theory, edited by Keith Moser and Ananta Sukla (Leiden: Brill)
  • "Against the Relativity of Beauty: Mock on Margolis' 'Rational Relativism'", in Disputations: An Introduction to Philosophical Problems, edited by Steven Cowan (Bloomsbury Press).
  • "Beauty is Objective", in Disputations: An Introduction to Philosophical Problems, edited by Steven Cowan (Bloomsbury Press).
  • "Kuki Shuzo's Critique of Impressionism and His Philosophy of Time", in APA Newsletter on Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies, Special Issue on Japanese Aesthetics, edited by A. Minh Nguyen and Yarran Hominh - Forthcoming
  • Glamour, and Persons (New York: Bloomsbury Press) - Forthcoming

Clevis R. Headley


  • Race, Philosophy and Being: Working Through the Contestability of Race and Philosophy (New York: Lexington Books) - Forthcoming

  • George Yancy: A Critical Reader, edited by Clevis Headley (New York: Rowman and Littlefield) - Forthcoming
  • "What Can the Philosophy of Chemistry Contribute to Critical Philosophy of Race: The Case of Phlogiston and Race, Foundations of Chemistry - Forthcoming

  • "James Baldwin's Existential Ontology: On Writing Race, Being, and Existential Philosophy" - Forthcoming

Susan Schneider


  • "How to Catch an AI Zombie: Testing for Consciousness in Machines", in Ethics of AI, edited by M. Liao (Oxford: Oxford University Press).
  • "AI, Brain Enhancement and the Future of the Mind", with Cody Turner, The Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (Oxford: Oxford University Press) - Forthcoming
  • "Engineering the Mind: The Scope and Limits of AI Technology", Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology, edited by Shannon Vallor (Oxford: Oxford University Press) - Forthcoming
  • "Designing the Mind?", Special issue on varieties of mind, Mind and Language - Forthcoming

Richard M. Shusterman

For more information about Dr. Shusterman's many recent publications, lectures, conference presentations, upcoming events, and other news, please visit his website .