College Petition Forms

Sometimes, unfortunate events can take place during a student's pursuit of a degree. In the event that something occurs that impacts your academic performance, we want to inform you that the college, as well as the University, has a petition process in place.

In order to begin the college petition process, students must first schedule a petition meeting with an academic advisor. Meeting with an advisor allows for the petition process to go as smoothly as possible. To schedule a meeting with your academic advisor, please log on to the Success Network.

This form is to request a late withdrawal from one or more courses after the last day to withdraw from coursework. The Late Withdrawal petition must be within one year of the semester the course was taken. For instance, if you need to drop a course from Fall 2020, the petition must be submitted no later than Fall 2021.

Student must follow the instructions on the Petition and submit all required documentation. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in a denied petition or petition that is not reviewed. (FAU Login required)

Undergraduate College Petition Form

Students who desire to petition for late or total withdrawal from a course(s) must have an Instructor's Memorandum submitted for each course in which late withdrawal is sought. Students should not fill out the instructors memorandum 

The instructor of record must use their FAU email address to log in and fill out the form. Once it is entered, you will be taken to the FAU single sign in to complete the form. 

Instructor's Memorandum


Summer Hour Petition Form

Petitions for waiver of 9 summer hour rule do not require an initial advisor petition meeting. Simply complete and submit the linked summer hour petition form linked above.

Petitions for reinstatement do not require an initial advisor petition meeting. Simply complete and submit the reinstatement petition linked below Students cannot return to Florida Atlantic University unless they have been out of school for a minimum of three semesters (1 Academic year).

This petition should only be completed by those who were dismissed by the College of Arts and Letters, students who have been dismissed by another college (example: College of Business, College of Science) must petition with that College regardless of the major they desire to return under. 

Please email the personal statement and 2 letters of reference to 

Reinstatement Petition Form

For questions regarding the petition process, please email