Internships: Eligibility Requirements

The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies has limited internships for credit available for students who meet the following requirements. Please note that these requirements reflect School policy and ineligible students need not apply.

  1. The student must be of junior or senior standing.
  2. The student must be a Communication major, with 18 credit hours in the major completed. Minors who have finished their communication requirements and otherwise meet the criteria may apply.
  3. The student must have no less than a 2.75 overall grade point average and a 3.00 in the communication major.
  4. The student must have procured – before the course commences – an internship that fits the Communication major and meets course instructor approval.
  5.  The student must have submitted an Internship Application and a Learning Agreement detailing their responsibilities and work hours, with the latter signed by their work supervisor.
  6. The student must submit a Recommendation Form from one Communication faculty   member they had as a course instructor.   
  7.  The student must be willing to provide a writing sample, creative work sample or portfolio to the would-be employer/work supervisor if that is needed to be considered for the position.