Branches of Philosophy


                                                                  Philosophical Questions


Traditional branches

Logic - Concerned with sound methods for distinguishing good from bad reasoning.

Ethics - Concerned with the meaning of our moral concepts and principles to guide moral decisions, whether in private or public life.

Metaphysics - Concerned with the ultimate nature of reality, of being, and of existence.

Epistemology - Concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge and with the nature of evidence.

Philosophy of Science - Concerned with the nature of scientific knowledge, the scientific method, and scientific explanations.

Philosophy of Art (Aesthetics) - Concerned with the nature of art and of beauty.

Social and Political Philosophy - Concerned with the nature of legitimate authority and society and how philosophy intersects with political and social theory.

New branches

Philosophy of mind

Philosophy of religion

Africana philosophy

Eastern philosophy

Philosophy of feminism

Philosophy of law

Environmental ethics

Biomedical ethics

Philosophy of language

For more information on philosophy in general, see the American Philosophical Association's Philosophy: A Brief Guide for Undergraduates and The Philosophy Major at .