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English Club

2022-2023 English Club President: TBD

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The Undergraduate English Club — we have a way with words... literally.

Fall 2022 Updates

The English Club's first meeting of the year will be on Friday, November 4th at noon. New members are enthusiastically invited to join!  

Zoom link: https://fau-edu.zoom.us/j/82199778777?from=join#success

Meeting ID: 821 9977 8777  |  Passcode: ZMmLP7 

About the English Club

The English Club is social networking group for all English majors and minors. The club serves as a creative and expressive outlet for students with similar interests and goals.

The club's activities include on and off-campus events such as meetings, movie nights in the Living Room Theater, attending plays, and visiting art galleries. The English Club will also host workshops, mid-term and final exam study groups, monthly book/paper readings at Bookwise Book store, and Starbucks get-togethers.

Ultimately, the English Club's purpose is to enrich the lives of English students attending Florida Atlantic University.

(The English Club is a department resource and is not a student organization.)

Past Events

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