With All We’ve Done, There Is Always More To Do

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Enhanced Program Development

The Anthropology Department at FAU has a strong, comprehensive anthropological foundation on the undergraduate and graduate level. The program encourages and supports a vast range of social inquiry and research.

Our undergraduate program offers courses as diverse as forensic anthropology, public archaeology, the anthropology of religion, the anthropology of nature and environment and disease.  The graduate program has been redesigned to institute a year-long theory sequence, a quantitative methods course, a professional development course and the refinement of seminars in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology.

With your help we can expand our program to hire more faculty and to offer more diverse course offerings.

Enhanced Facilities and Equipment

Our facilities have been upgraded, with new computers in both of the Department’s student computing labs and the acquisition of state of the art technology such as a 3-D digitizer and a laser transit.

With your help we can upgrade our old storage equipment for better archival preservation of the Department’s collections.

With your help we can expand our laboratories, replace aging equipment, and purchase field equipment for students and faculty to use for conducting field research.

Enhanced Outreach and Recruitment

The Anthropology program at FAU has grown with more faculty members, more diverse programs, and better opportunities for students. 

The quality of education has equipped our students for study at excellent graduate and doctoral programs nationwide.  Students from our program present papers at national conferences, compete for and receive grants from prestigious organizations such as the National Science Foundation, and serve humanity in programs such as the Peace Corps.

With your help we can provide more opportunities for students and faculty to travel to present their research at conferences. 

With your help we can develop a program for outreach to high schools to educate upcoming graduates about anthropological and archaeological career opportunities, with a particular focus on recruiting minority students. 

With your help…we can do it!

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