Community Creative Writing Workshops

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The Community Creative Writing Workshop is offered each semester. This course is non-credit and open to the community. It's taught by graduate students who have taken CRW 6024: Teaching Creative Writing and have successfully applied for the position. This is a wonderful opportunity to foster your own creative writing community. You'll have the ability to craft your own workshop, choosing readings and assignments that will best benefit your teaching goals for the course.

In these classes, you have the freedom to develop your own creative writing workshop. This is great for your C.V., especially if you are considering teaching creative writing after graduate school. Students in these classes are typically older, which offers a unique teaching experience. Students who teach our Community Creative Writing Workshops do so in addition to their regular ENC 1101 or 1102 classes. Instructors are paid an additional stipend for this work. 

So, are you teaching an upcoming Community Creative Writing Workshop? Are you feeling a bit anxious? Don't! take a look at a sample fiction and nonfiction syllabus. Talk to your peers who have taught the class. Check out Risa Shiman's and Dustin DiPaulo's blog on the subject. Come see me. This is an enriching experience for you and your students. Get ready to have some fun!