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Department of Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University strives to provide the very best undergraduate and graduate programs. The Department stresses an open, critical, and diverse intellectual forum for examining and coming to understand the processes, constraints, and possibilities for what it means to be human today and what being human has meant prehistorically and historically.  In both its undergraduate and graduate programs, Anthropology Department faculty members take mentorship seriously and students have ample opportunity for close interaction and collaboration with faculty.


Undergraduate Program


Graduate Program

Hailie Crowder

"I am interested in historic archaeology. I am researching how short-term historical events can have lasting impacts on locations. I am also studying how terrestrial laser scanners, 3D scanners, and other forms of technology... more

Junior sets a camera trap
Junior Amboko

I am Junior Amboko, a field conservationist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I really love animals, yes, but I really love primates. more

New faculty member Katharina Rynkiewich
Dr. Katharina Rynkiewich

Dr. Katharina Rynkiewich is an anthropologist of health and medicine who studies the social and cultural dynamics of antibiotic prescribing practices in the United States... more

Headshot of Meredith Ellis
Meredith Ellis

Assistant Professor Meredith Ellis of the Anthropology department has had her first book, Nineteenth Century Childhoods in Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives (Archaeology of Childhood) has been published. This... more

FAU anthropology professor digging for clues to identify 1928 hurricane remains
Ryan Wheeler and Jane Richardson
Ryan Wheeler '90 and Jane Richardson '16 Meet!
Department of Anthropology
To Our Students and the Community
The Department of Anthropology stands in solidarity with our students and our communities during these extraordinary times.



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