English Internship Program

English Internship Program

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FAU English Internship Program

If you are an English major seeking professional, real world experience to take with you after graduation, contact Dr. Hinshaw, Director of the Internship Program for more information at whinshaw@fau.edu.

English Major Internship Opportunities

Gain professional experience and build valuable career skills with FAU’S Internship Program for English majors. The Department of English is committed to providing current students with exciting opportunities to develop their professional portfolio while receiving academic credit towards their major.

Our internships provide English majors with varied career opportunities in venues that allow them to apply skills learned in the classroom.

Entry-Level Career Building Opportunities

Our program is highly competitive, selecting students with academic excellence as well as the drive, talent, and creativity necessary for succeeding inside and outside the classroom. Our interns receive hands-on experience and mentoring in a variety of fields, developing their professional profiles while also building academic credit towards their majors.

Our extensive list of agencies capture our best talent, and many of our internships have led to full-time, paid positions for our students. View our list of current agencies.

Through our program, students are required to write and format an exceptional resume and undergo the interview process with the agency. At the end of the semester, students will have compiled a unique portfolio of their work to show prospective employers.

Types of Internships for English Majors

English degree internships offer students the opportunity to sample a wide array of professional responsibilities and environments and cultivate a sense of where they wish to steer their future career.

We encourage students to complete multiple internships at different organizations so they have knowledge of the full breadth of possibilities open to them.

Discover a wide variety of opportunities for English majors, including:

  • Professional and Technical Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Editing and Publishing
  • Social Media/Media Production
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Nonprofit Fundraising and Administration

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The student must be of junior or senior standing.
  2. The student must be residing in Florida and available for frequent on-campus meetings at the university.
  3. The student must have no less than a 3.00 overall grade point average AND a 3.00 in the English major.
  4. The student must obtain and submit one letter of recommendation from an English Department faculty member. The recommendation should be emailed from the faculty member directly to the Internship Director.
  5. The student must be an English major at Florida Atlantic University.

* Please note: Some of our internship agencies require a cover letter and writing samples.

Student Testimonials and Spotlights

"Anyone who wants to explore a career in writing, and who has the slightest interest in technology would enjoy this internship. The SilverLogic is a professional company that is flexible with students, and fits cleanly into a student schedule" — Internship student Bailey Maxwell

"I think it's an amazing program and that every undergraduate English degree-seeking student should participate in it. The internships that are offered are widely varied and students can learn a lot from this program." — Internship student Bailey Maxwell

"This has been a life-changing opportunity" — Internship student Daniel Marino

Current Announcements

  • Internships with Boca Raton Magazine have just been added!  
  • Internships with Allocable have just been added!   

Department of English Internship Materials

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue an Internship

  • Opportunity for hands-on experience: While students may learn a great deal of information in their courses, there is no substitute for direct experience in a professional environment. Internships allow students to gain direct experience, and build skills through individual and collaborative assignments.
  • Opportunity to sample various career options: We encourage eligible students to do multiple internships with different agencies to sample different career areas. This enables students to find out where they might fit best in a professional environment.
  • Preparation for job searches: Students submit a resume and go through the interview process as if they were applying for a job. This gives students valuable experience in preparation for employment.
  • Compilation of a portfolio: Students document their progress and create a portfolio of their work as part of their internship.This portfolio helps students become self-aware about the internship learning process and the portfolio can later be shown to potential employers.
  • Potential employment opportunities and/or contacts: Internships can lead directly into employment opportunities. Although this is more the exception than the rule, internships certainly provide a student entry into a professional network. Contacts made through the internship can be valuable sources of information for securing eventual employment in one’s chosen field.

For additional information about the English Internship Program, please contact the Director of Internships, Dr. Wendy Hinshaw at 561-297-3838 or at whinshaw@fau.edu.