Elizabeth Caron


Elizabeth Caron (MA Sociology, 2009)

"As I was finishing my BA in Sociology, I ran out of required classes to take. Dr. Branaman encouraged me to take graduate courses as electives. It turned out to be great advice. I was able to get a teaching assistantship in the MA program with Gina the following year and start teaching my own class the following semester. She allowed me to prepare and teach a lesson about my subject of choice, social stratification, for an entire class period. As "they" say, I got the teaching bug. Being in the Master's program encouraged me to think more critically than I ever had. Though it isn't always easy, it is a gift I try my very best to share with my own students. Studying sociology turns on a "switch" that consistently asks you to analyze and question the world around you. The skills I learned in quantitative methods with Dr. Wilson allowed me to pursue my doctoral studies and have enabled me to interpret the data we so often understand superficially. Though I never thought I would be a high school teacher, as I currently am, I can now try to instill the skills I learned in the MA program in my students so that they, hopefully, can become responsible, open-minded, critical-thinking adults."