School of Communication and Multimedia Studies

Through the curriculum, the research in which the school engages, and the services it provides, students gain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to understand and contribute to today's increasingly communication- and media-oriented environment. The M.A. in Communication Studies equips students with historical, theoretical and critical knowledge of oral, written, visual and aural symbol systems; the institutions and processes which produce them; and the audiences/readers who engage them. The goal of the degree is to focus and enhance students' ongoing and future efforts in communication-related professions or activities or to prepare them for doctoral studies and/or academic careers. The program emphasizes the intersections among cultural studies, film, intercultural communication, media and rhetoric. The M.F.A. in Media, Technology and Entertainment is an interdisciplinary degree offered in collaboration with the Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The degree combines film, video, interactive media and computer animation faculty with computer science and engineering faculty, with the aim of fostering in our graduate students innovative approaches to digital entertainment that stretch creative and scientific boundaries. 

M.A. in Communication Studies

M.F.A. in Media, Technology and Entertainment