mcam Mary M. Cameron, Ph.D.

Office: SO 176, Phone: 561-297-1207, E-Mail:

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1993

Medical, Cultural, and Feminist Anthropology; Nepal and South Asia; Asian Medicine (Ayurveda), Gender and Caste, Sustainability in Health and Agriculture, Global Health, Global Conservation, Development, Buddhist/Mindfulness Meditation


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2018  Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Initiative Conference Travel Award.

2016  College of Arts and Letters Advisory Board Research Award.

2016  Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Faculty Research Fellowship.

2016  Course-release award. For 10 years service to the College of Arts and Letters Ph.D. in Comparative Studies.

2016   Service award, ANHS Executive Committee. For service as President of ANHS 2012-2015, and multiple years of service on the ANHS Executive Committee.

2015  Peace, Justice and Human Rights Faculty Fellow.

2015  US. Embassy Nepal Grant, for ANHS-Kathmandu Research Center programming.

2014  OURI QEP Curriculum Development Grant (with Carol Gould), Office of Undergraduate Research, FAU

2014  Distinguished Professor in Current Affairs, Lifelong Learning Society, FAU

2013  Woman of Influence Alumni Award, Russell Sage College, Troy, NY

2013  Mentor, College Faculty Mentoring Program

2012-15  President, Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies

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2006  Writing Across the Curriculum Award, curriculum development, Center for Writing Excellence, FAU.

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2005  International Travel Grant, Office of Sponsored Research, FAU.

2003  Wall of Distinction Alumni Award, Hudson Falls High School, Hudson Falls, NY

2002  Research Initiation Grant, Office of Sponsored Research, FAU

2000  Small Equipment Grant, Office of the Vice President for Research and the College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University.

1999  Breeden Teaching Award, Provost’s Office, Auburn University.

1999  Humanities Development Summer Grant, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University

1999  Fulbright Senior Fellowship, Nepal (for 1999-2000).

1998  Research Grant-in-Aid, Competitive Grant, Auburn University.

1998  Humanities Development Grant, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University.

1997  Teaching Effectiveness Award, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University

1995  Phi Beta Delta, International Scholars Honor Society.

1994  Illinois-NWSA Manuscript Award, first place. On the Edge of the Auspicious: Caste and Gender in Nepal

1993  Research Grant-in-Aid, Competitive Grant, Auburn University.

1993  Humanities Development Grant, College of Liberal Arts, Auburn University. Awa

1989  World Bank Grant. Nepal. Dissertation research, analysis of quantitative data, Award (with Meena Acharya)

1988-89  U.S. Agency for International Development, Women in Development Section, Washington, D.C., dissertation research, Nepal.

1988-89  Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Grant. Nepal

1988  Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research, dissertation research, Nepal.

1987-88  Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship, MSU. graduate course work, dissertation research, Nepal.

1985  Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research, pre-dissertation research, Nepal.