Dr. Ann Branaman

Ann Branaman

Professor and Chair of Sociology

Phone: (561) 297-0261
Email: branaman@fau.edu
Office: CU 253/Boca Campus

Research: Social theory, identity, adulthood
Teaching: Classical and contemporary social theory, social class, social change, sociology of consumption, sociological psychology and microsociology, sociological analysis


My current research focuses on identity processes in 'emerging adulthood', a term other scholars have used to refer to a developmental phase between adolescence and adulthood. Drawing upon my background in social theory, I analyze how the experience of 'growing up' has changed as a consequence of broader changes in society, culture and political economy. This research involves intensive interviewing and analysis of autobiographical narratives of young, middle-aged and older adults from varied social backgrounds. 

My research of the past two decades has covered a broad range of topics in social theory, including: the social theory of Erving Goffman and Kenneth Burke; psychoanalytical social theory; interaction and inequality; emotions and human rights; feminist social theories of identity; Zygmunt Bauman's theory of gender and sexualities in 'liquid modernity'. 

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