Deandre Poole

Deandre Poole


Phone: 561-297-3850

Pronoun: he/him

Areas of Expertise: Intercultural Theory, Political Communication, Ethnicity and Communication, Democracy and Civic Engagement

Dr. Deandre Poole has over a decade of higher education experience incommunication education, curriculum development, cultural pedagogy, and faculty leadership. He serves as a senior instructor and associate member of the graduate faculty in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

In addition to his educational and teaching accomplishments, Dr. Poole has served in various civic, nonprofit, political, and academic leadership positions focused on equality, social justice, advocacy, educational empowerment, civic engagement, and leadership development. As an academic and community organizer, Dr. Poole is committed to equipping students and the community members with communication skills needed to successfully navigate our global and complex world. He is called upon to give community lectures, to serve on academic panels, and give media interviews on issues pertaining to politics and cultural affairs.

In his spare time, Dr. Poole enjoys live theater performances, musical events, traveling, cooking, reading, and family cookouts.



COM 2053 Introduction to Communication and Civic Life

COM 4461 Nonverbal Communication in a Diverse Society

COM 3500 Political Communication

COM 3120 Organizational Communication

SPC 3717 Intercultural Theory

SPC 3710 Intercultural Communication

SPC 4718 Ethnicity and Communication

SPC 4443 Leadership and Communication

SPC 3704 American Multicultural Discourse

SPC 4271 Capstone: Democracy, Communication and Civic Engagement

SPC 3542 Rhetorical Theories of Persuasion

SPC 2608 Public Speaking


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