Master of Fine Arts

MFA students specialize in fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction, pursuing half of their coursework in creative writing workshops and half in literature and theory seminars.


The Department of English at Florida Atlantic University offers an MA and an MFA in Creative Writing. Applicants should specify degree and genre.

The necessary application form can be obtained from the English Department or the FAU website.

Applications must include:

  1. Writing sample
    For Fiction: 20 to 25 pages of literary fiction
    For Creative Non-Fiction: 20 to 25 pages of literary creative non-fiction For Poetry: 15 to 20 pages of poetry
  2. A brief statement of intent that discusses your desire to earn an MFA degree and places your writing within a literary tradition, describing your experiences as both a reader of literature and a writer specific to the genre in which you are applying. For example, what writers do you see as standouts within that same tradition, and what specifically do you admire about their writing? What aspects of craft and technique do you hope to learn from them—or what have you already learned from them? What traditions do those writers follow (or break away from), and do you feel you are similarly writing within a particular set of parameters (or breaking from expectations of the genre)? Applicants should consider these questions simply as a guideline; the statement of intent should be composed creatively and in whatever way that best captures the interests and influences of the individual writer.
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Undergraduate transcripts (minimum 3.0 GPA)
  5. Application form
  6. Application fee

The writing sample, statement of intent, and two letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the Department of English; all other application materials should be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies and Admissions with copies sent to the Department of English.

Deadline for Fall admission: January 15.
Deadline for Spring admission: November 1.

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