Department of History

Department of History

A thriving center of intellectual activity, the Department of History at Florida Atlantic offers the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, as well as a Combined B.A./M.A. degree and a History Minor.

The BA program prepares students to think critically, evaluate evidence and write with clarity and strength.  Its chronological and geographical diversity helps undergraduates to make sense of a complicated world.    Equipped with strong writing skills and with insights into past human experiences across time and space, history majors go on to pursue successful careers in a wide variety of fields, including law, teaching, public history, business, communication, and public service.

The Undergraduate Program

The MA program readies graduates for doctoral work in history or law school and other areas as well.  MA recipients have gained employment in museums, historical societies, government, and industry.  Many have gone on to become instructors at state and community colleges, or have used their degrees to enhance their teaching in middle schools and high schools.

The Graduate Program

The department's faculty includes internationally recongnized scholars and award-winning teachers, many of whom have also distinguished themselves through an admirable record of service to the community and the profession.

History Faculty Spotlight

The department is the home of two endowed speaker series, the John O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture and the Alan B. and Charna Larkin Symposium on the American Presidency.  These events bring renowned historians and history-makers to campus each year and attract large audiences from the university and wider South Florida communities.

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You can learn more about the Department of History by navigating the links on the left side of this webpage.  Or, for more information, direct your inquiries to 561.297.3840 or send an email to:

Douglas Kanter, Chair
Adrian Finucane, Director, Graduate Programs
Eric Hanne, Director, Undergraduate Programs
Jason Sharples, Interim Director, History Department Symposia