Interdisciplinary Minor and Certificate in Film and Video

Undergrad Communication Studies

The Interdisciplinary Minor in Film and Video and the Certificate in Film and Culture give students with any major the opportunity to bring together courses from several departments and colleges into a multidisciplinary curriculum emphasizing all aspects of film and video. Participating are faculty from communication and multimedia studies, literature, languages, anthropology, theatre and other disciplines.

The program offers scholarly study of the history, theory and criticism of film, video and television as well as hands-on courses in video production. The minor is available to bachelor's students, while the certificate is available to master's and doctoral students, with different distribution requirements for each. The program provides a flexible curricular framework for an interdisciplinary focus on film and video. The undergraduate minor structures FAU's current course offerings in film and video to guide students through a cohesive study of film and its related disciplines. The graduate certificate is ideal for preparing students in any department or college to write a thesis or dissertation in the area of film and video studies or simply to demonstrate coherent knowledge for teaching or other purposes.