The Department of Theatre & Dance has numerous merit and need based scholarships available for students. They are awarded on a yearly basis, and are generally awarded at the end of each Fall term.

All Theatre and Dance majors and minors will be notified via e-mail about scholarship availability and application procedures.

Some of the scholarships available are:

  • Joshua Logan Graduate Scholarship Endowment: Graduate student majoring in Theatre.
  • Joseph Conaway Undergraduate Theatre Scholarship: GPA of 3.0 and based on audition performance.
  • Esther B. Griswold Endowment: Bachelor of Fine Arts student who has completed 60 credit hours and has a minimum GPA of 3.24 GPA for all major courses.
  • Griswold Theatre Scholarship Award Fund: based on student merit.
  • Harold Burris-Meyer Endowed Scholarship Fund: based on student financial need.
  • Esther Saylor Rothenberger Endowed Scholarship for Humanities: based on student merit.
  • Mildred Witt Endowed Scholarship for Performing and Visual Arts: based on student merit

MFA Theatre Assistantships

All Graduate students will be in residence on Assistantship. Assistantships are part-time assignments in our crews or teaching their area of specialty, once the minimum number of credit hours has been met. All graduate students on assistantship will also receive full tuition benefit, and are responsible only for student fees.

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