Department of English Mission Statement

The Department of English promotes scholarly and creative discovery within FAU's uniquely diverse community. We encourage our students to make original and important contributions to the discipline and develop their own analytic and creative voices through innovative assignments, research papers, one-on-one interactions between faculty and students, and significant feedback on student work, enabled by our small classes and rigorous instruction. Our faculty's creative activity and groundbreaking research model a culture of investigation for our students while expanding human knowledge and enriching the arts. Additionally, the Department of English plays a dynamic role in the community, providing a hub of intellectual and cultural activity in South Florida. 

English study trains students in textual analysis, communication, and critical thinking, thus preparing our students for any job requiring imaginative thinking, analytical thinking, and/or communication skills. These jobs exist in numerous fields, including, but not limited to: business, publishing, marketing, advertising, teaching, public relations, law, technical and professional writing, public radio, and medicine.

The Department of English proudly fulfills its mission through excellence and innovation in teaching, outstanding research and creative activities, public engagement and distinctive cultural alliances, all within an environment that fosters inclusiveness.