Course & Curriculum Materials for Friday, January 23, 2015, Meeting:

Old Business

Course/Program Title College/Dept. Credits Action
AL Program Transfer Request.
ED Program Transfer Approval.
ED support.
Provost's Office support.
Transfer Bachelor of Music Education to Arts and Letters
(Tabled at December 3 meeting.)
AL/Music &
ED/T & L
New Certificate Advanced Geographic
Information Systems
(Remained tabled Dec. 3; will be withdrawn if not approved at Jan. 23 meeting.)



New Business

Course/Program Title College/Dept. Credits Action

Policy Discussion

Deadline to drop with a "W"
moved to later in the term

New Policy

No Credit Grades in IFP and Selected Lower-Division Courses
Undergraduate Studies    
Program Changes Memo.
Catalog Changes.
Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature revisions to
majors and minors
LIN 4326 form
Contrastive Phonology
(New title: Phonetics and Phonology)
AL/LLCL 3 Change title and description
HFT 3603 form
Principles of Hospitality Law BA/Marketing 3 Change prereq.
Program Changes Memo.
Program Changes.
Brochure Changes.
Flight Plan Changes.
Criminal Justice revisions DSI/CCJ    
New Honors Program.
UHC approval.
Honors in Secondary Education ED/T & L    
ART 3630C form
Approved by UHC.
Honors Video Art HC 4 New
ART 4276C form
Honors Scientific Illustration II HC 3 New
DEP 4464 form
Honors Psychology of Aging HC 3 New
ECO 3101 form
Honors Intermediate Microeconomics HC 3 Change prereq.
EVR 3421 form
Honors Parks and Preservation HC 3 New
STA 3024 form
SAS for Data and
Statistical Analyses
SC/Math 3 New
STA 4222 form
Planning Investigations
(New title: Statistical Designs)
SC/Math 3 Change title
STA 4235 form
Statistical Learning SC/Math 3 New