• September 8, 2021 Update
  • Application for grants for significant unexpected expenses is now available here for Fall enrolled students.  Students who received this emergency grant in Summer 2021 are not eligible for an additional application-based grant in the Fall semester.

  • Get money for your books in 3-4 Business Days
    • Fill out Short Term Advance Application today
    • It will post to your FAU account tomorrow
    • 2-3 days after that to post to your direct deposit account
    • To access the Online Short Term Advance Application
    • Sign into MYFAU with your FAU credentials
    • Click/tap the "MONEY MATTERS!" tile
    • Click/tap the "Short Term Advance Application" tile
    • For more info see Short Term Advance Program

  • NEW! Financial Aid Video

    See how to Check Your Financial Aid Status, Upload Documents securely with OWL FILES and Accept Your Financial Aid Offer.

    For Verification Forms:  “Electronic signatures on documentation will not be accepted. Please print and physically sign forms before uploading.”

  • The 2021-2022 FAFSA Application opened October 1st, 2020!
  • Complete the FAFSA on studentaid.gov to maximize your aid eligibility.
  • Need Help filling out the FAFSA or completing the Verification Process?  Click HERE to schedule a one-on-one virtual appointment.

  • Chat live with a financial aid associate

    Click the Chat Chat Bot icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to speak with a Financial Aid staff member LIVE.  Chat hours are 8-6 Mon-Thur, 8-5 on Fri.  After hours, 'Owlsley the Chatbot' is available to assist.

  • COVID-19 Q&A's and Emergency Funds

    The Office of Student Financial Aid answers your frequently asked questions about financial aid and COVID-19, including the potential impact of Pass/Fail grading and our resources to help cover education-related expenses.


    Visit the Keep Learning page for key tips and resources to help you make the shift to learning online


Students in all stages of their academic careers may be eligible for financial aid. While the process is roughly the same for each kind of student, sometimes there are unique requirements. We are here to assist you and help you navigate through the financial aid process. 

REMINDER - To review all specific rules for your summer financial aid, visit our Summer Financial Aid page.

We have offices on all FAU campuses, please view our Contact Us page for full details.

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