Every day at FAU, faculty, students and staff are expanding the bounds of knowledge in research, technology development, creative activity and scholarship. It's what they do.

Taking that knowledge and translating it to the world beyond the campus is part of the university's mission. Often time, students, faculty and staff make that happen by creating spin-out companies that spur investment, jobs and economic growth for the region.

The university has developed a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem to encourage members of the FAU community — including neighbors, friends and family — to connect with us. If you have a company that needs specialized expertise, FAU can help. If you have a small business that's seeking to grow to the next level, we have a program tailored to get you there. If you have idea for a start-up venture, FAU can help show you how. In many ways, big and small we're here to help you grow your businesses and bottom lines.

As a growing institution that thrives on innovation, Florida Atlantic contributes to the economic vitality of our region, state and country in countless everyday connections.