November 9, 2020  (HELD NOV. 16)
agenda and curriculum proposals

Time: 10 am to noon
Location: via Webex

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of UUPC Minutes from October 12, 2020

3. Announcements

4. Old Business

Course/Program Title Department Credits Action
Arts and Letters
CPO 4762
Anthropology approval
History approval
Religion and Politics in the Middle East Political Science 3 New
 POS 3922 Community Activism in Practice
(Postponed to next meeting.)
Political Science 3 New

5. New Business

Course/Program Title Department Credits Action
Proposal Discussion
College Comments
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Across the Curriculum      
Arts and Letters
ARH 2000 Art Appreciation Art 3 Change grading mode to regular grade only
Program Change  German minor  LLCL   Replace a course and add that minor is also available online
CPO 4204 African Politics Politicial Science 3 New
Engineering and Computer Science
Honors College
 Discussion Honors College curriculum
(Postponed to next meeting.)
PCB 4832C
RI approval
Neuroscience and     Psychology             support
(add RI to the title)
 Biology 3 Add Research-Intensive component and change title/description
EVR 4112
ASL approval
Hazards, Climate and People Geosciences 3 Add Academic Service Learning component and change description
  Social Work and Criminal Justice  

6. Next Meeting and Adjournment

       The UUPC's next meeting is Monday, December 7, 10 am. to noon, via Webex.

       New programs and program changes approved at this meeting will be considered by the Steering Committee 
       and Faculty Senate on the dates noted below. Please have a college representative present for those meetings.
       If any new courses/course revisions seem controversial, please have a representative present as well.

       Steering Meeting: November 23, 2 to 4 pm,
       UFS Meeting: December 7, 1 to 3 pm,