This professional and academic meeting is held every year in February, one of the best months to be in Florida. 

Our guests are invited to share their research and interests about Italy as a fluid space, far from fixed and rigid stereotypes, where identities cross paths, depart and arrive, and new encounters are negotiated and shaped.

It is organized by the Program of Italian Studies, in collaboration with the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute (New York).

                           italy in transit flier last 2020     


Below, group pictures of the IV Symposium; write-up of the event in "La Voce," Canada's leading Italian American magazine; and the bag hand-printed by FAU Printing Club with Philippe Apatie's photograph..

 symposium 20201   symposium 2020 2 

la voce canada    bag apathie



Write-up of the 2019 Symposium in "We The Italians." Photos from 2019 edition

night dinner nick micheal 

lunch  grazia grabriele

frank lore dinner buffet  console 

console dinner table buffet  

Program 2019


Program 2018 

Program 2017