Gamma Kappa Alpha National italian honor society

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Call For Application

If you have taken (or are taking) two Italian classes and one of them is an advanced course;
If your grade is at least a B; You are eligible to apply for membership of our Italian Honor Society.

We only ask for your commitment to your academic excellence in Italian and to support all things Italian.

  • You will receive a cord for graduation, a certificate to frame, and you will earn an important line in your resume
  • Your name will be inserted in the national membership list and in the next bulletin
  • You will be eligible to apply for the national scholarships

Dues: $30

DEADLINE TO APPLY: ONGOING, you will be inducted at the first available ceremony.

 Turn in your application in Dr. Serra’s mailbox in the Languages Department, and include:

Your dues + Letter Stating:

  • Your current level of Italian
  • Your grades so far
  • The Italian classes you have taken
  • Any extra-participation in Club Insieme or Italian Program activities
  • Your commitment to participate to our meetings and activities as much as possible
  • Your email and contact information

Benvenuti to our Honor Society!


Every semester, the GKA Research Day unites graduate and undegraduate students in specific research projects: cataloging the Badia family and the Fruttauro-Vivo letter collections; interpreting Tom DiSalvo's paintings; decyphering a 1812   manuscript opera libretto "Amalia e Carlo"; translating the illustrated art book "Rahul" for its bilingual publication, and more.


Induction Ceremony December 2017

First Induction Ceremony Gamma Kappa Alpha, December 2017


GKA 2018

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Spring 2018


gka fall18

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Fall 2018



Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Spring 2019


gka fall19

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Fall 2019


gka covid iniziaz

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Fall 2020


ottobre21 gka

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Fall 2021


gka s22

Gamma Kappa Alpha Induction Ceremony, Spring 2022 (followed by GKA Research Day on "Rahul")