The Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Florida Atlantic University supports faculty, students, and programming across the interdisciplinary fields of women’s studies, gender studies, LGBTQ studies, sexuality studies, and more. Graduate and undergraduate students take classes with nationally and internationally known faculty in fields such as Anthropology, Art History, English, Criminal Justice, Communication, History, Languages and Linguistics, Literature, Nursing, Political Science, Sociology, and of course, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS). Public programming and events fulfill the field’s foundational commitment to praxis, or the unification of theory and practice.

The Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offers a Master’s of Arts degree, a graduate certificate, and an undergraduate minor. Additionally, doctoral students in the Comparative Studies programs can elect to earn a Master’s of Arts degree in WGSS en passant as they work toward their PhD. The Center also hosts the Lavender Languages Institute and offers other non-degree educational opportunities to the university community and the broader public.

Graduates with experience in WGSS are highly sought after in a wide variety of professions, and our alumni work in law, education, communications, media, healthcare, advocacy, politics, technology, and business. Learn more about Careers in WGSS .

The Women’s Studies Center at Florida Atlantic University was founded in 1986, with approval for a change of name to the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies in 2009. During the past three decades, we have grown in numbers, visibility, and influence on campus. In addition to their formal academic training, students enjoy opportunities to work on faculty members’ research, assist in teaching and curriculum development, contribute to the Center’s newsletter, participate in the Feminist Graduate Student Association, collaborate with the Women’s Resource and Community Connection as part of OwlsCare, and take part in activities on campus and in the community.


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