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Italian Studies

The Program in Italian Studies is a modern, forward-looking program that has found a dignified place in the multicultural and interdisciplinary environment of the college, without losing its own identity and integrity. It has been supported by the notion that the relationship between Italy and its hitherto mostly European literary, cultural, linguistic-philosophical and historical contexts is a horizontal one. In this spirit, and as we cross the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the Italian program has striven to offer the kinds of courses that reflect Italy as part of the mappa mundi and encourages and integrates course work in other languages and disciplines. The FAU Italian Program is deeply dedicated to the discipline of Italian American Studies, a unique case in the South Eastern United States. Its creative vitality and open horizons have sparked several practical research iniitiatives listed in the menu on the left.



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Our Italian Program has been honored with several prestigious recognitions:

  • Dr. Myriam Ruthenberg won two university-wide teaching awards, a University Faculty Talon Award, and in 2007 she was knighted by the Republic of Italy. She recently retired from FAU.
  • Dr. Ilaria Serra won the 2020 and 2012 University Scholar of the Year Award and was honored by the Italo American Cultural Society "for her dediction to Italian Studies" in 2019
  • Dr. Emanuele Pettener was appointed Writer in Residence in the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature in 2020

The Italian Program currently has "memoranda of understanding" with the University of Roma 3, the American University in Rome, and the University of Macerata, and it is part of the SITE network (Study, Intercultural Training and Experience) in Lombardy.



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