Graduate Teaching Assistantships


A hallmark of our Italian Studies program is the excellent training and professional development we provide full-time students through Graduate Teaching Assistantships. These awards provide students with full tuition scholarships, a living stipend of $8.000 for the first year and $8,500 for the second year, and an intensive training program for teaching second language at the university level.

Awardees are afforded the opportunity to teach a language class each semester under the supervision and with the support of our Italian Language Program team. In addition to a first semester Teaching Practicum (a workshop-style support class), Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA's) are provided consistent feedback on their teaching, occasional workshops on second language acquisition (SLA) pedagogy, and professional development seminars. Furthermore, GTA's form a lasting professional bond as they work as part of the Italian Language Program "team," one that will serve them well as they progress into the profession.

Interested applicants should request consideration for these competitive positions in their Statement of Purpose essay and on the application. Candidates for assistantships must take the Advanced Competency Exam in the language they wish to teach. Please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies for more information and an appointment to take the exam, which is administered in the department.

Please note: these awards are available, on a competitive basis, to all full-time students, including international students.