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Exploring Ultimate Questions About the Future of Intelligence

Technology is rapidly changing the face of society. What awaits us in our technological future? For example, should there be an upper limit on technological innovations to extend our lifespans or redesign our minds? Could artificial intelligence (AI) surpass human-level intelligence? Should we merge with AI, as futurists like Elon Musk envision, and is that even scientifically possible?

We seek to answer important questions like these at the Center for the Future Mind, a multi-disciplinary hub located in the Gruber Sandbox where thought leaders in areas such as philosophy, complex systems, AI, and neuroscience come together to analyze vital scientific, societal, and ethical issues. With world-famous thought leaders, a major media profile, and regular presentations to Congress and their staff, the Center aims to enhance our understanding of the future of intelligence.

The center is directed by Susan Schneider, the William F. Dietrich Distinguished Professor at FAU and former NASA Chair and Distinguished Scholar at the Library of Congress.

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Mindfest 2023

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Big tech doesn’t want AI to become conscious

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Yoshua Bengio
Towards Neural Nets for Conscious Processing and Causal Reasoning
Daniel Dennets video screen capture
Counterfeiting Humans: A Conversation with Daniel Dennett and Susan Schneider

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