Castle in Tuscany Project

Starting from June 2022, the FAU Italian Program organizes a summer research camp in the medieval castle of Castiglione del Terziere, in Lunigiana, the hilly northern part of Tuscany. The castle was the home of Loris Jacopo Bononi, M.D., poet and mecenate of the arts, and it houses a unique collection of first printing editions of Italian literature.

Thanks to the friendship of the castle owner, Raffaella Paoletti, we offer a 5-day Poetry and Creative Writing Camp. Watch Dr. Paoletti's invitation.

The 2022 Research Camp dates went from June 26 to June 30, 2022. The participants were undegraduate students, Allison Acosta, Francesca Cocilovo and Laura Possu-Zapatoski; graduate students Barbara Salani and Manuela Filomena; alumni Cat Coule and Zachary Scalzo. The camp was directed by Prof. Ilaria Serra and Dr. Emanuele Pettener. Watch Dr. Serra's invitation.

The summer research camp is open to a limited number of students and friends of the FAU Italian program, as an invitation to participate in your Professors' research. Research assistantships are available. For more information click Opera al Castello-Music and Poetry.

castello study

A study moment under the pergola. Click on the picture to view Francesca Cocilovo's description of the study area.


opera castello

Dressed for the opera reading of "Amalia e Carlo." Click on the picture to view Barbara Salani's description of the camp.


paoletti gruppo

The study group with Raffaella Paoletti. Click on the picture to view Dr. Pettener's description of the poetry camp from the terrace.