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Piedmont is a region in North-Western Italy. Turin is the main city, and other cities include Cuneo, Vercelli, Novara, Asti and Alessandria. The Piedmont Network coordinates several high schools interested in hiring an American student of Italian as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

FAU can nominate one to three students, for a period of 4 to 9 months (300-500 hours), to cover half or all of the academic year (September-June). Currently enrolled, last-year BA students or recent FAU graduates with a bachelor’s degree may apply. Preference will be given to students majoring or minoring in Italian who have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Graduate students with 3.0 GPA may also apply.

The US student is given an Italian mentor and guide to assist with the cultural adjustment and professional needs.

The US student works a total of 25 hours a week. Of these, 12 hours are spent in the classroom in the presence of a professor, and 13 hours are used for study, preparation, conversation, office consultation, and assistance with possible excursions.

The Network provides the student with subsidized lodging and, in some cases, free meals. All other costs associated with the Piedmont internship opportunity are personal costs and the responsibility of the intern.

The Network also encourages students to take one or two classes of Italian or in Italian, for free, at the local university, Università del Piemonte Orientale. This university is located in Alessandria, Novara and Vercelli. Any exams taken at Piedmont are the financial responsibility of the student.

If the FAU student is an Italian major or minor, he/she can take this opportunity in the final year or semester for FAU credit equivalent coursework. LLCL and OIP will coordinate this for students seeking to earn academic credit for the work done at the local Italian university.

It is important to respect a strict time schedule for this project, because it involves applying for the necessary VISA and permits through the Italian Consulate in Miami.

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  • September for the term starting in January
  • April for the term starting in August

Fill out an application form HERE and turn it in to the FAU Office of International Programs, GS212Q, at the Boca campus of FAU.Y ou must also submit the following: (a) FAU transcript, (b) a one-page-single-spaced, typed statement of interest and expertise that qualifies you for the internship, and (c) one letter of reference from FAU faculty and others who can comment on your ability to be successful in the internship.

Finalists for the internship will be interviewed by a selection committee to assess their competence in Italian and suitability for the internship. FAU will nominate the top 1-3 finalists and send their nomination to the Piedmont Network for their review and selection. (FAU reserves the right to nominate fewer or zero students in any given year if the pool does not meet the standards required of the FAU-Piedmont Network Agreement.)