Major in LLCL: Italian




  • ITA 1120 Beginning Italian Language and Culture 1
  • ITA 1121 Beginning Italian Language and Culture 2
  • ITA 2220 Intermediate Italian Language and Culture 1
  • ITA 2221 Intermediate Italian Language and Culture 2 or ITA3430 Readings in Intermediate/Advanced Italian

(ITA 1120 and ITA 1121 can be taken in one semester, as 2 mini-mesters (8 weeks each). Italian language and culture instruction is available during our Study Abroad programs in Venice (6 weeks).)

Major Requirements:

Each course must be passed with a grade of “C” or better; a minimum of 20 credits must be earned in courses taught in the target language. 

All Languages, Linguistics, and Comparative Literature major programs require the following two courses:

  • Research and Bibliographic Methods FOL 3880 
  • Introduction to Linguistics                    LIN 3010 
Subject Course Title Credits 
Language and Culture (three courses, including at least one advanced language course) 9-10
 ITA 3420 Advanced Italian 1 4
 ITA  3421 Advanced Italian 2 (May be taken before ITA 3420) 4
 ITA 3300 Italian Writing Workshop 3
ITA 3412 Reading the Italian Press 3
ITA 4930 Special Topics (approved by Advisor) 3
Linguistics 3
 ITA 4730 Tessere La Lingua 3
 ITA  3300 Italian Writing Workshop 3
Literature and Civilization 3



Italian Literature and Civilization:
Middle Ages and Renaissance 
ITW  3101 Italian Literature and Civilization:
Baroque to Present
Choose five courses from the following: 15-16
ITT 2502 Italian Culture and Society 3
ITT 3110 Italian Literature in Translation 3
ITT  3111 Love and Lovers in Italian Literature 3
ITT  3520 Italian Cinema: from Text to Screen 3
ITT  3522 Italian-American Cinema 3
ITT  3600  Italy in Lyrics 3
ITT 4440 Dante: The Commedia in Translation 3
ITA 4930 Special Topics 3
Study Abroad Options  
ITA  3952 Italian Culture Study Abroad 3
ITA  4957 Italian Language and Culture Study Abroad 4
ITT  3956 Italian Culture Study Abroad (in Translation) 3
ITW  4957 Italian Literature Study Abroad 3



A concentration of the 12 departmental and/or college electives in one area can easily become a minor in another language, discipline, or a certificate, with minimal additional course work. This option is recommended especially for those seeking admission to graduate programs in the Humanities, or those who seek a wider humanities background.

Double Major in the Department/College/University:

You might consider combining the B.A. in Italian with another language or discipline (including areas in other colleges), depending on your future career plans. At all times, make sure you seek the advice of faculty in both departments or programs and make sure they both monitor your progress towards the degree. Consult the Registrar’s office for the most recent information and guidelines.


Related certificates are offered in: Classical Studies, Ethnic Studies, Film and Video Studies, Jewish Studies, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, and Women’s Studies.