strade dorate: osservatorio di letteratura e cultura della diaspora italiana e italofona

Strade dorate means Streets of Gold. They were the dreams of Italian immigrants to the United States. A common anedocte tells of the immigrant's dismay at finding out that not only the streets were not paved with gold, they were not paved at all. And the immigrants were expected to pave them!

Italian Americans paved many streets, but also gained a respected place in literature, film and the arts. The Observatory presents a review of the cultural presence of Italian Americans. It is written mostly in Italian to bring this production to the attention of the Italian audience in the motherland.

Strade dorate was created from an idea by Italian writer Valentina Di Cesare, and developed in a joint effort with Dr. Emanuele Pettener and Dr. Ilaria Serra during the COVID pandemic, in 2020. It strives on the collaboration of many talents: writers, journalists, illustrators and the students of Italian American Culture classes regularly taught at Florida Atlantic University.

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