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Under the coordination of Writer in Residence, Dr. Emanuele Pettener, Writing in Between is the creative expression of the Department of Languages Linguistics and Comparative Literature. It is a place to highlight the different cultures taught in this Department and the artistic works by our students. It reminds of the importance of learning other languages, being open to other cultures, and capturing the magic of writing. 

Writing in Between includes activities, works and multicultural writings by translators and writers whose artistic essence is made by two or more cultural identities.



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Works by students 

The Italian literary blog "Priamo" published three works from Dr.Pettener's Fall 2019 Italian Writing Workshop:

"Il momento più spaventoso della mia vita" by Sasha Passadore

"Maya del deserto" by Talya Dunleavy

and "Un Natale a Lima" by Rosie Kenna 


Interviews with multicultural authors

An interview with John Domini (Rain Taxi, Winter 2008/2009)

An interview with Pier Massimo Forni (Sul Romanzo, 05/06/2013)
An interview with Rick Zullo (Sul Romanzo, 08/21/2013)


Translations by students 

In Spring 2023, "The Ilanot Review," based in Israel, published a collaborative students' translation of Patrizio Zurru's "Il barbone in libreria" (from "Endecascivoli," Miraggi, 2021), from Dr. Pettener's class "Reflections/Riflessioni."

The Italian literary magazine "Formicaleone" published 3 poems by Viviani Viviani and their English translations made by Dr. Pettener's students in Fall 2020 class "Love and Lovers": Giovani Americani traducono tre poesie di Viviana Viviani - Formicaleone.

"The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts" published "The Rialto Market", by Emanuele Pettener, translated from Italian by former FAU undergraduate and Master student Zachary Scalzo.

"The Citron Review" published "The Snake", by Emanuele Pettener, translated from Italian by former FAU student Thomas de Angelis.


Reviews of multicultural books