"The beauty of these events, at least to me, is the different tonalities of Italian I get to experience." Italian movie nights described in Jessica Monge's "Un Film e una lezione: Italian Movie Night."

italian and italian american film festival

The FAU Italian Program organizes several events tied to learning culture through film, with Club Insieme, GKA or the Michele D. Serra Italian Cinema Series.

The Italian Film Festival is organized through the collaboration of the Italian Consulate General in Miami.

During COVID we started the first FAU Italian American Flm Festival, run by graduate students of the classes "Italian American Cinema" and "Italian America: Translating Identities."


April 14-16, 2021 | LINK: Please join us at the right time:

II italian american film festival



Recording of the opening night.

italian american film fest updated


The Italian Cineforum Spring 2020 was interrupted for COVID and postponed to better times.

cineforum S 2020


October2018 edition.

film festival 2018