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Name Title Phone
Alincar, BettyCertified Medical Assistant FAU Medicine Primary Care Practice561-566-5328
Alter, Scott, M.D., M.B.A.Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Assistant Dean for Clinical Research561-737-7733 Ext. 87410
Averkiou, Peter A., M.D.Associate Professor of Pediatrics561-297-4570
Baganz, Nicole, Ph.D.Director of Community Engagement and Programming, FAU Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute and Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Science (Secondary)561-799-8100
Beattie, Ashley, M.D.Assistant Professor of Psychiatry561-381-7048
Benavides, AngieSpecialist Internal Medicine Residency Program561-737-7733
Benjamin, Latanya, M.D.Associate Professor of Pediatric Dermatology561-297-3311
Berkowitz, Leonard K., D.O.Assistant Professor of Family Medicine561-566-5328
Bertollo, Suzanne, M.D.Associate Dean for Medical Education and Associate Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine561-297-3622
Billington, Mary, M.D.Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Quality Improvement and Process Improvement Director561-737-7733, ext. 87410
Blakely, Randy D., Ph.D.Executive Director, FAU Brain Institute and Professor, Biomedical Science561-799-8100
Bommareddy, Ajay, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Pharmacology561-297-3153
Bradley, Debra A.Director, Building Operations561-297-2503
Brennan, Lisa A., Ph.D.Research Associate Professor7-3806 / 7-3754
Brickman, Lawrence H., M.D.Associate Professor of Surgery561-297-4336
Brown, Brian A.Assistant Director of Systems and Support561-297-4967
Brown, Mavis R., M.B.A.Director of Preclinical Education561-297-0899
Bubna, Nisha, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Director and Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology561-297-2292
Bullock, Robert L., M.P.A.Senior Residency Program Manager561-381-7048
Burton, SummerAdministrative Specialist/HR Partner561-297-3022
Caceres, Jennifer, M.D., FACPSenior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions and Associate Professor of Medicine561-297-2219
Campbell, Anna-Kaye M.Academic Support Specialist Program in General Surgery561-955-3665
Caputi, Massimo, Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0627
Carvelli, Lucia, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Wilkes Honors College and FAU Brain Institute Investigator and Associate Professor, Biomedical Science (Secondary)
Casey, Robert, M.D.Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor and Pediatrics Clerkship Director
Charles, Cornelia P., M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine561-735-6553
Chaudhry, Saima, M.D., MSHS, FACPClinical Affiliate Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Memorial Healthcare System (MHS)
Chiong, AlonzoSpecialist Building Operations561-297-0334
Cippitelli, Andrea, Ph.D.Research Associate Professor561-297-4288
Clark, Jeffrey A.Director Health Information Technology561-297-2322
Clayton, Lisa, D.O., M.B.S.Chair of the Emergency Medicine Department and Program Director of the Emergency Medicine Residency and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine561-737-7733, Ext 87411
Clevenger, ChristineManager Educational Technology561-297-4803
Coble, CollinExecutive Director of Finance and Administration561-297-3683
Cohen, AlexandraCertified Medical Assistant FAU Medicine Primary Care Practice561-566-5328
Cohen, Hillary D., M.H.A.Interim Senior Residency Program Administrator Surgery Residency Program561-297-2216
Collins, Branson, M.D.Assistant Professor of Integrative Health and Director of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health561-566-5328
Daly, JoanneResidency Program Manager Internal Medicine561-733-5933 | 561-955-5362
Dardano, Anthony N., M.D.Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Delray Medical Center (DMC)561-297-2219
Davis Wallace, Venus A.Director of Graduate Medical Education561-297-4241
DeAquino, Jaclyn M.Director of Finance561-297-1206
Demner, Adam R., M.D.Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Addiction Psychiatry561-495-3467
Di Corcia, Mark J., Ph.D.Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and Admissions and Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology561-297-4024
DiCanio, YamileProgram Manager, Neurology Residency and Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program561-297-3271
Drowos, Joanna L., D.O., M.P.H., M.B.A.Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professor of Family Medicine561-297-1442
Duran, JoannaDirector of Student Affairs561-297-2219
Echeverri, SindianaAssistant Director Clinical Skills Simulation Center561-297-2459
Edison, Neil, M.D.Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor561-297-4150 | 954-986-1179
Ehikioya, Amazing GraceProgram Evaluation Coordinator
Eisenberg, Ellen S., M.D.Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine561-297-3000
Elliott, Richard, M.D., Ph.D.Professor of Psychiatry561-381-7048
Fahmy, Samer, M.D.Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Boca Raton Regional Hospital (BRRH)
Ferris, Allison H., M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine Program Director of Internal Medicine Residency and Chair of the Medicine Department561-451-5290
Foster, Jennifer G., M.D.Assistant Dean for Clinical Curriculum and Associate Professor of Medicine
Freeman-Costin, KatherineBiostatistics Collaborative Core Leader and Biostatistician and Professor, Biomedical Science (Secondary)561-297-4858
Freire Machi, Jacqueline, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor561-297-4434
Fuentes, Gloria L.Assistant Director Clinical Skills Simulation Center Operations561-297-4320 / 561-297-4321 | 561-297-4320
Gabrielsen, John A.Coordinator Anatomical Programs561-297-0706
Gabrielsen, Stephanie B.Senior Coordinator Faculty Affairs and Clinical Department Administration561-297-0022
Genova, Carmela F.Medical Education Specialist M1/M2 Basic Science561-297-2972
George, KizzyContent and Social Media Coordinator561-297-4584
Georges, FatimaCoordinator, Faculty and Staff Affairs and Dean's Administrative Support561-297-2986
Gleiber, Marni K., M.D.Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation561-297-0123
Gografe, Sylvia I., D.V.M., Ph.D.Assistant Vice President for Research, Comparative Medicine and Research Associate Professor561-297-4233
Goldman, Daniel S., M.D.Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Bethesda Memorial Hospital and Clinical Affiliate Associate Professor of Integrated Medical Science561-737-7733 x84944 | 561-297-4241
Goldman, Stuart J., M.D.Professor of Psychiatry561-212-9802
Goldstein, Mark A.Executive Director Simulation and Technology561-297-1374
Gomes, Ellen, M.A.Director of Medical Student Financial Aid561-297-2591
Gouchenour, Catherine L.Assistant Director Clinical Department Administration561-297-0123
Gracia, Nancy, M.E.B.Administrative Coordinator561-297-1189
Grant, Patrick A., Ph.D.Associate Chair, Department of Biomedical Science and Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-1053
Gray, Jessica L., M.A.Senior Coordinator for Medical Student Affairs and Compliance561-297-1043
Greene, Sara, M.A.Senior Coordinator Biomedical Sciences561-297-2984
Grodin, Tabata, M.D.Clinical Affiliate Instructor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Assistant Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship Director561-297-4366
Guthrie, Kathleen M., Ph.D.Assistant Director and Director of Graduate Education, Neuroscience Graduate Program, FAU Brain Institute and Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0457
Gutman, Daniel S., M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine305-775-1732
Hahn, Maureen, Ph.D.Research Associate Professor Biomedical Science6-8100 | 561-799-8491
Hanafy, Khalid A., M.D., Ph.D.Research Associate Professor561-955-2785
Harari, Jack L., M.D., J.D.Clinical Affiliate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/West Boca Medical Center561-297-2219
Hennekens, Charles H., M.D., Dr.P.H.Sir Richard Doll Professor and Senior Academic Advisor and Interim Chair of the Population Health and Social Medicine Department561-297-0022
Her, Tony, M.D.Associate Professor of Anatomy and Director of Anatomical Programs561-297-0065
Holland, Peter J., M.D.Associate Professor of Psychiatry561-297-1319
Holley, Allison M., M.D.Assistant Professor of Family Medicine561-297-0022
Hristov, HollieAssistant Director Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic (APRN)
Hristova, Aneliya, M.S.Physician Assistant
Huang, Xupei, M.D., Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-2443
Hughes, Patrick G., D.O.Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Associate Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency561-737-7733, Ext 87411
Humphries, Daniel J.Budget Analyst561-297-4952
Iragavarapu, Vijaya L., Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-3304
Isgor, Ceylan, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0712
Iwamoto, Hideki, Ph.D.Research Associate Professor Biomedical Science561-799-8100 | 561-799-8463
Jacomino, Mario, M.D., M.S., M.P.H.Associate Professor of Pediatrics561-297-0723
John, Donna J.Outpatient Clinic Educational Navigator and Internal Medicine Residency Administrative Program Specialist561-955-5365 | 561-990-9615
Johns, Wanda R.Accounting Administrator561-297-4239
Jones, DannielleMedical Education Specialist561-297-3840
Kang, Yunqing (Kevin), Ph.D.Associate Professor, Ocean & Mechanical Engineering and Associate Professor, Biomedical Science (Secondary)561-297-3943
Kantorow, Marc, Ph.D.Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-2910
Kelly, Nicholas, M.B.A.Associate Director, Research Administration561-297-4892
Kerlin, Christopher, M.Eng.Assistant Director of Web Application Development561-297-4755
Khazen, Olga H.Research Coordinator973-647-5902 | 561-297-4296
Kleinman, Joseph H., M.D.Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor of Radiology561-297-4341 | 561-391-1728
Knecht, Michelle, M.S.Senior Medical Librarian and Head of the Medical Health Sciences Collection and User Services Department561-297-0689
Kolkana, Jonathan, M.A.Director of Training and Assessment561-297-0130
Labanowski, Mary C., M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine561-297-0022
Labarca, HollyManager Educational Affairs561-297-4366
Lazarus, AudraSenior University Counsel Health Affairs561-297-3007
Lewis, Steven, Ph.D.Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine561-297-4668
Li, Dawei, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-6061
Lizotte-Waniewski, Michelle R., Ph.D., M.A.Assistant Dean for Preclinical Curriculum and Director of HealthFirst and Associate Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine561-297-4250
Lopez, Monica D., M.S.Director of Admissions561-297-4252
Lord-Duchemin, ElisabethCertified Medical Assistant FAU Medicine Primary Care Practice561-566-5328
Lottenberg, Lawrence, M.D.Interim Chair, Department of Surgery, Interim Program Director, General Surgery Residency, Clinical Affiliate Professor of Surgery, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/St. Mary's Medical Center561-882-6196 | 561-297-2216
Lu, Michael, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0892
Luck, George R., M.D.Associate Professor of Anesthesiology561-297-0676
Maddumage-Joseph, Annie T., M.S.Senior Finance Coordinator561-297-2394
Manigo, Lisa R.Program Manager Year 4 Academic Programs561-297-4212
Marcial, Alixe E.Senior Residency Program Manager561-955-5390
Marques, Oge, Ph.D.Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Professor, Biomedical Science (Secondary)561-297-3857
Martinez, Lisa C., M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine and Director, Foundations of Medicine561-297-4772
Mauser, AmyAssistant Director of Development561-297-0871
McCutcheon, Anthony J.Senior Coordinator Faculty and Staff Affairs561-297-2176
Mendoza, David DubonAdministrative Specialist561-297-2165
Menzie Suderam, Janet M., Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor561-297-0273
Milligan, Ashia G., M.B.A.Program Evaluation Coordinator561-297-4661
Morris, JayWeb Coordinator College of Medicine561-297-3696
Mucerino, Taryn J.Residency Program Manager Emergency Medicine561-737-7733
Munro, Jennifer N., M.B.A.Chief of Staff561-297-3938
Napier, Rebecca, M.B.A.Chief Operating Officer, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration561-297-4974
Nazarian Rostami, Roozbeth, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine561-419-3407 | 561-297-4533
Nestor, Ashlyn P.Academic Support Specialist Residency Programs and Medical Education
Nouri-Shirazi, Mahyar A., D.V.M., Ph.D.Professor of Immunology561-297-0935
Oleinikov, Andrew, Ph.D.Professor of Biomedical Science561-297-4424
Oleinikov, Irina, M.S.Laboratory Adminstrator561-297-0201
Ouslander, Joseph G., M.D.Professor of Geriatric Medicine561-297-0975
Ozawa, Akihiko, Ph.D.Research Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-4688
Pauleus, Rony, M.P.A., HAPractice Director561-566-5328
Peralta, StaceyFront Desk and Office Specialist Primary Care Practice561-566-5328
Perry, Roleithia S.Admissions and Educational Outreach Specialist561-297-2178
Perumareddi, Parvathi, D.O.Associate Professor of Family Medicine561-297-4837
Pilitsis, Julie G., M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.Dean of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and Vice President for Medical Affairs and Professor of Neurosurgery
Pray-Grant, Marilyn, M.S.Research Associate561-297-2177
Prentice, Howard M., Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0362
Purvis, SherleneAssistant to the Dean561-297-4341
Quan, Ning, Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science and FAU Brain Institute Investigator561-799-8100
Rackman, Alexander Sasha, M.D.Assistant Professor of Geriatric Medicine561-297-0926
Rajkumar, Krystal A., M.H.A.Graduate Medical Education Institutional Program Manager561-297-4533
Ramirez, Mauricio A.Specialist Building Operations561-297-2391
Retrouvey, Michele, M.D.Interim Chair of the Women's and Children's Health Department and Director of Radiology Education and Assistant Professor of Pediatric Radiology
Robishaw, Janet D., Ph.D.Chair, Department of Biomedical Science and Senior Associate Dean for Research and Professor, Biomedical Science | Executive Director, Research Distinction Track 561-297-4399
Rodrigues, Claudia de Oliveira, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-2878
Rodriguez, AlainSystems Administrator Specialist561-297-2017
Rootes, Alicia R., M.B.A.Director of K-12 Pathways and Community Engagement561-297-4816
Rose, Gavin E., M.D.Director, Psychiatry Residency Program and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry561-334-6240
Rose, Danielle L., M.B.A.Associate Director Finance561-297-4937
Rubin, Stacy, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine and Foundations of Medicine Course Director561-297-2753
Sacca, Lea, Ph.D., M.P.H.Assistant Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine561-297-4280
Santana, SabrinaFront Desk and Office Specialist Primary Care Practice561-566-5328
Santiago, TammyLongitudinal Integrated Clerkship Administrator561-297-1460
Santiago-Rivera, IanSystems Administrator Specialist
Sapp, MarinaProgram Manager Clinical Skills Simulation Center561-297-4320
Scaramellino, Anthony P.Administrative Support Specialist561-297-2129
Schmidt-Kastner, Rainald, M.D.Associate Professor561-297-1360
Schoch, JenniferResearch Coordinator561-297-0496
Schwartz, Michelle P., M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine561-297-0104
Shah, AnkitCoordinator, Educational Technology
Shen, Wen, Ph.DAssociate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0628
Shibu, PreethiAdministrative Assistant
Shih, Richard D., M.D.Professor of Emergency Medicine561-737-7733 Ext. 87410
Siegman, Sandra R., M.S. Ed.Student Affairs Specialist561-297-4617
Simon, JudithPatient Navigator914-672-1892
Smith, Bridget S., M.Ed., Ph.D.Assistant Director Graduate Programs561-297-4549
Solano, Joshua J., M.D.Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Clerkship Director561-297-0022
Sorrentino, Lacey, M.S.Director of Clinical Education561-297-4662
Stanley, Kimberly S., M.Ed.Associate Director COM Registrar561-297-1010
Stewart, Adele, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor561-799-8100
Stucken, Carrie D., M.D.Clinical Affiliate Assistant Professor and Assistant Pediatrics Clerkship Director561-741-0000
Stupec, Douglas R., M.P.A.Associate Director Medical Student Financial Aid and Records561-297-4964
Sule, Sachin S., M.D.Associate Professor of Medicine and Director, Foundations of Medicine561-955-5365
Sutter, Kari, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine303-717-8129
Svet, OleseaDirector, FAU Health Network561-297-2510
Tao, Rui, D.V.M., Ph.D., M.S.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0713
Tejeda, Nelly Y., M.B.A.Assistant Director of Admissions561-297-2202
Telkes, Ilknur, Ph.D., M.S.Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Science and Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (secondary) and Faculty Member, FAU Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute and Center for SMART Health561-297-2278
Thomas, Annie A.Senior Student Affairs Administrative Specialist and Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions561-297-2206
TM Wyatt, Adam, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine561-297-3028
Toll, Lawrence, Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science and FAU Brain Institute Investigator 561-297-2578
Turtz, Michael, M.P.A.Assistant Director, Administration561-297-3068
Valois, LicetAssistant Director of Education Outreach and Support Services for the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic
van Praag, Henriette, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science and FAU Brain Institute Investigator561-799-8689
Van Voorhis, Laura, Ph.D., M.A.Sponsored Research Administrator561-297-4723
W. Louda, Deborah, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Population Health and Social Medicine561-297-3622
Wang, Yingcai, M.D., Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor, Biomedical Science and Director, iPSC Shared Facility561-297-2855
Wei, Jianning, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0002
Weiner, Suzanne B., M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine561-297-3487
Weiner, IrinaAssistant Director, Marketing and Design
Weiss, Debra, D.O.Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation954-234-0509
Weiss, Eric, M.D.Clinical Affiliate Professor of Surgery and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Cleveland Clinic Florida (CCF)
Whitehair, Curtis, M.D.Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Designated Institutional Official (DIO) and Interim Chair of the Clinical Neurosciences Department561-297-2915
Wiggill, Sarah, M.D.Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community and Preventive (CPM) Clerkship Director and Director of Community Preceptorships
Wojcikiewicz, Ewa P., Ph.D.Associate Professor, Biomedical Science and Co-Director, Lifelong Learning and Discovery Thread561-297-2678
Woolf, Christine, Ph.D.Associate Director, Learning Specialist
Yen Wu, Jang-Yen, Ph.D.Professor, Biomedical Science561-297-0167
Zahra, Touqir, M.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine561-955-5392 | 561-297-0123
Zhang, Qi, Ph.D.Associate Professor, Chemistry and Associate Professor, Biomedical Science (Secondary)561-799-8575
Zribi, Gilles Z.Research Technician - Toll Lab561-297-0496
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