Simulation Center Staff

Mark Goldstein
Senior Director, Simulation and Technology

Mr. Goldstein was the architect behind the development and implementation of the FAU Simulation Center at the College of Medicine. Under his direction, the Simulation Center acquired a State of Florida Grant to build the initial Center. Working with Palm Healthcare Foundation, he secured another grant to develop the northern Center at the Palm Healthcare Pavilion. Since 2005, Mr. Goldstein has been responsible for the implementation of the medical scenarios utilized in the cases. He has successfully negotiated with local area hospitals, residency programs and first responders to enlarge the stakeholders utilizing the facilities at the FAU Clinical Skills Simulation Centers.

George Luck, M.D.
Director, Professional Education

Dr. Luck has been responsible for the medical cases that are implemented in the Simulation Centers. He has taken the lead to develop, implement, evaluate and revise scenarios and protocols for the simulation activities. He has served as a preceptor for the participants in training, and records and analyzes the feedback from the sessions. Dr. Luck brings extensive experience as an Anesthesiologist and Palliative Care physician to the Center. He is an Associate Professor of Integrated Medical Science faculty at FAU College of Medicine.

Sindiana Echeverri, RN, MPS
Assistant Director, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Ms. Echeverri RN, MPS brings years of experience in the Acute Care Emergency Department in Level 1 Cardiac Center and Comprehensive Stroke Center. She holds a Masters's in Professional Studies and is a Registered Nurse Emergency Room Nurse, as well as a paramedic for over 25 years. Ms. Echeverri is responsible for overseeing all of the simulation and clinical skills activities at the Clinical Skills Simulation Center.  Ms. Echeverri specializes in integrating and implementing innovative simulation technology into the College of Medicine for medical students.  She plays a pivotal role in the development and growth of the Simulation Center.  Ms. Echeverri is skilled in the art of medical moulage and in the creation of simulation scenarios and coding of high-fidelity manikins. She is certified as the Training Center Coordinator for the American Heart Association, and a Coordinator for the ATLS courses, she is also an instructor for ACLS, PALS, BLS, and stop the bleed.

Gloria Fuentes
Assistant Director, Clinical Skills Simulation Center, Operations

Mrs. Fuentes has been with the simulation center for over 10 years and brings over 20 years of business, administrative, and organizational experience to the CSSC. Mrs. Fuentes is responsible for operational, administrative and financial details, some of which include payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, and data analysis of expenses and revenues. She also is responsible for the training schedules for both centers, with thousands of hours of simulated patient training occurring each year.

Marina Sapp, RN, BSN
Program Manager, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Mrs. Sapp RN, BSN brings years of experience as a Registered nurse in various areas, including medical-surgical, home health, and Labor & Delivery care. Mrs. Sapp first joined the simulation center as a facilitator and then came on full time as an Academic Specialist. Once completing her bachelor's in Nursing, Marina was promoted to Program Manager where she continues to play an essential role in the college. Mrs. Sapp is responsible for coordinating, preparing, and executing all Clinical Skills training sessions.  Mrs. Sapp also oversees the recruitment, scheduling, management and retention of hundreds of standardized patients. She works closely with the foundations of medicine director, adjunct & full-time faculty, and COM staff to provide excellent and innovative training sessions. Marina is a certified ACLS, BLS, and PALS instructor, and is certified in the Newborn Resuscitation Program (NRP) and advanced fetal monitoring certifications.

Mrs. Preethi Shibu
Administrative Assistant, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Mrs. Shibu is responsible for hiring, Purchasing, and Payable support activities pertaining to all Simulation Center training. Prior to FAU, she worked in Bosch in their Business Service Process unit supporting Process Transitions & Mapping, Quality assurance, and Process compliance tools and audits in areas of purchasing, logistics, sales, and back-office functions.

Mr. Emmanuel Delgado
Program Coordinator, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Mr. Delgado RN, BSN, FRN, brings years of experience in the health field. Mr. Delgado started his medical career as a 68W Combat Medic with the United States Army, he served 8 years of active duty going on two tours in Afghanistan. Mr. Delgado then became a Registered Nurse working in Trauma and Acute Care Emergency Medicine s well as a Critical Care Flight Nurse. After becoming a Nurse, Mr. Delgado was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Navy where he is still a reservist. Mr. Delgado applies all of his military training to developing and handling the simulation side of the CSSC.  

Ms. Megan Asto
Teaching Assistant, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Ms. Asto recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. She began working with the Simulation Center as a Standardized Patient, assisting the medical students with their training. Ms. Asto is currently a teaching assistant at the FAU Clinical Skills Simulation Center.  In collaboration with the other staff and faculty members, she sets up and helps run the various simulation and clinical skills sessions that occur at the CSSC. Ms. Asto plans on attending medical school and becoming a physician.

Ms. Cristina De Paula
Teaching Assistant, Clinical Skills Simulation Center

Ms. Cristina De Paula recently graduated from FAU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and is now a Teaching Assistant at the Clinical Skills Simulation Center. During her time at FAU, she has occupied various leadership roles including mentoring under FAU’s New Student Transitions and Family Engagement (NSTFE). Ms. Depaula has participated in various multiple medical missions, recently to Puerto Rico and Honduras, to aid the medical teams there, while also assisting as a scribe. Cristina aspires to soon attend medical school and begin work as a pediatrician while empowering a new generation of doctors to break the glass ceiling. Ms. Depaula volunteered at the CSSC as a standardized patient and soon realized she would like to join the CSSC team as a TA. 

Adjunct Instructors

The FAU Simulation Center employs numerous adjunct instructors that are experienced paramedics, nurses, and physicians to assist in the development and facilitation of the Simulation cases.

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