Student Spotlight

Kennedy McKinney
Kennedy McKinney
Sophomore, Multimedia Journalism

Kennedy McKinney is a sophomore at FAU with a major in multimedia journalism. The Jacksonville native has been involved in journalism since middle school. During her first year at FAU, McKinney and her peers felt the need for a publication that would represent the Black community, address issues pertaining to the community, and share their accomplishments. The first Black newspaper of FAU, The Paradigm Press, was founded a few months later in March 2020. As a founder and editor-in-chief of the newspaper, McKinney believes the publication is growing and serving its purpose every day. She says that although the newspaper takes a lot of time and effort, the process has been rewarding. McKinney plans on attending law school after graduation and aspires to be a social injustice correspondent. Her advice to other students is to find something that you like and get involved with the student organizations, and also make sure to manage your time properly.

Jessie Askinazi

Hosted by writer and photographer Jessie Askinazi, The Crimson Coyote podcast explores how personal and cultural wounds are mended through creative practices. Each episode features a distinct creative personality and focuses on a central theme. Guests vary in background and medium. The Crimson Coyote’s first few episodes cover issues such as: Black resistance, LGBTQ+ discrimination, immigration detention, post 9/11 Afghanistan, masculinity, Black joy, child abuse, disability, and more.  At a time when modern society feels more unsteady than ever, The Crimson Coyote offers community to individuals who alchemize their histories and turn to creation over destruction. The Crimson Coyote is available on Spotify: