Multiple Awards for Visiting Faculty

Tuesday, Nov 07, 2023
Scene From Lopez de Victoria's Videogame Project

Faculty Visiting Instructor Samuel Lopez de Victoria was awarded a 2023 Ellie Creator Award   for a video game art project with a peaceful narrative based on a distant future, where natural plants have merged with digital computer code to create new, sustainable power. Players become responsible for the cultivation of these plants to hack into and repair the world.

The award of $12,000 from Oolite Arts, one of Miami’s largest support organizations for visual artists, will allow him to further develop his video game.

Earlier this semester, Sam was honored in the Florida Panthers’ Celebration of Hispanic Excellence program, which recognizes individuals nominated by their peers, colleagues, families or friends for the positive impact they are making in South Florida and beyond.

Sam founded Interactive Initiative, a non-profit that has been instrumental in fostering opportunities and mentorship within South Florida’s artistic and underserved communities. He utilizes the creation of interactive art and video games to amplify and nurture young artists' voices through gaming by ensuring participants are equipped with cost-free tools and resources,

Samuel graduated with an MFA in Art and Technology from the University of Florida. He currently teaches video game design and studies in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies. 

Congratulations, Sam!