Digital Media Initiatives

Digital Media Initiatives at SCMS form a broad collection of forums investigating the current state of digital culture:



Classical Music Radio from FAU
Wavelengths is the audio component of the SCMS Multimedia Studies program at FAU. This webcast consists of streaming classical music and spoken-word programming. Listen to Wavelengths on iTunes. [NOTE: This service is intended for streaming on Winamp, iTunes, or VLC media players. Performance on other software is not guaranteed or recommended.]


South Florida Journal


Audio Journal of Local and Regional News
South Florida Journal is a weekly review of South Florida news in podcast form produced by Dr. Kevin Petrich's RTV 4301 Broadcast Journalism and RTV 4304 Advanced Broadcast Journalism students. Listen to the most recent edition.




Award-Winning Experimental Media Ensemble
meme™ ( MTEn-MFA Experimental Media Ensemble™) is a live performance group comprised of students from graduate courses taught by Joey Bargsten, meme™ explores new and emerging expressive forms created by combining sound, image, and narrative elements through contemporary digital technology and a variety of performance techniques.


Flamingo Film Festival

Flamingo Film Festival

International Festival of Student Films
The Flamingo Film Festival is dedicated to exhibiting the international short films and videos produced by student filmmakers. The 2013 event held in South Florida honored outstanding narrative, documentary, experimental, and animated projects created by students while enrolled in a college, university or other post-secondary institution. View the 2012 FFF blog.
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1:1 Super-8 Cinema Soireé

Super-8 Cinema Soireé

A Festival Celebrating Super-8 Film
Established in 2006 by Shane Eason, the 1:1 Super 8 Cinema Soirée is an annual South Florida event celebrating the use of super 8 film, but with a twist: none of the films are viewed by the filmmakers before the screening. Participants are not allowed to preview or edit their films. No matter what imperfections, happy accidents, or planned technical attributes occur. What’s shot in-camera is what’s shown. There is no opportunity to make changes. Each participant gets one chance, one reel, and one take, premiering the films at a one night collective screening. More on Facebook.


SIGGRAPH Community Events

siggraph events

Presentations by Digital Media Industry Leaders
South Florida is a hub of activity in the world of computer animation, visualization, and new technologies. Attend lectures and demonstrations by the leaders in these industries and be part of the SIGGRAPH Community. Events in this series are currently being organized.