Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication at Florida Atlantic University

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication add a second or third layer of security to your FAUNet ID. Using a second factor when logging into services such as Banner, Workday, and ePrint helps prevent anyone other than you from logging in even if they know your password. 

MFA Example Diagram

To better protect University data and to ensure compliance with State of Florida access control polices, the University has begun implementing stricter password policies.

Users with access to sensitive data through use of their FAUNet ID will have to sign up for a new service called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which will let you keep the same password for 365 days.

MFA is a technology that provides a second method of authenticating you when logging into services with sensitive information. You will be able to choose from a few methods to accomplish this.

Students, Alumni and Attended

Students wishing to opt-in may use our Two-factor and multi-factor authentication enrollment tool for students.

Employees, Faculty and Courtesy Accounts

Employees and Faculty wishing to opt-in may use our Two-factor and multi-factor authentication enrollment tool

Instructions available here.

Advantages of choosing two-factor include:

  • Users of services such as Workday and other reporting tools will not require VPN to achieve full functionality from home.
  • Passwords expire in 365 days rather than 60.


If you elect to use MFA you will be required to provide a second method (or factor) of authentication when accessing Workday and other sensitive services. To enroll use the Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Enrollment tool above.The enrollment tool will allow you to enroll a mobile app (Duo), cell phone, tablet, land line, or special hardware tokens. We recommend that you enroll using both the mobile app and a number as a backup method for authenticating. This backup number will allow you to access Workday if you are unable to use your cell phone. The mobile app works across cellular data and Wireless (WiFi), as well as offline. We highly recommend this method because using this application incurs no data, text (SMS), or other charges when using codes and WiFi.

If you do not have access to a smartphone, we recommend that you request a hardware key fob (FOB) by submitting a help desk request . FOBs may be picked up by appointment from the Help Desk in CM22 on the Boca Campus, SR291 on the Jupiter Campus, or LA303 on the Davie Campus.

 More information about MFA and the devices supported by FAU can be found by visiting the Duo Security user documentation

 Last Modified 1/15/19