Banner Security & Confidentiality Statement of Responsibility

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This is not the Statement of Responsibility for Students. This statement is only to be submitted by Faculty and Staff. Students should login to MyFAU, then open FAU Self Service and the Statement of Responsibility for Students will appear. Read the Statement, Click the accept box at the bottom and then Submit. Should you have any issues, please e-mail webcontroller@fau.edu.

Security and confidentiality of records, reports, and files are matters of critical importance to Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Access to such information is provided solely for use in the performance of assigned duties. Any other use is prohibited. The purpose of this statement is to clarify your responsibilities. Each individual who has access to information is expected to adhere to the security and confidentiality principles stated below.

As a person who has access to such information, you will not:

  • Share your password with any person, or permit any other person to access information using your identity, except Florida Atlantic University authorized technical support staff;
  • Permit the unauthorized use of any information in records, reports, and files to which you have access;
  • Seek personal benefit from information that you have acquired as a result of your access;
  • Disclose the contents of any confidential record, report, or file to any unauthorized person, except in the conduct of professional responsibilities;
  • Knowingly include a false, inaccurate, or misleading entry in any official record, report, or file
  • Knowingly destroy or alter information from any record, report, or file, except as authorized;
  • Remove any record, report, or file from the office where it is maintained, except in the performance of your assigned duties;
  • Cause or assist another person to violate these principles.

Violations of these principles may lead to disciplinary action consistent with applicable personnel policies. Violations can also lead to action under Florida Statutes pertaining to theft, alteration of public records, or other applicable sections.

By pressing the I AGREE button below, you are indicating you have read, understand and will comply with these principles. Please be advised that the conditions of this security and confidentiality statement of responsibility remain in full effect for the duration of your employment with Florida Atlantic University. You will be required to renew this Statement of Responsibility upon rehire following any breaks in employment.


After clicking the submit button, print a copy of the submission for your records.