E-Mail System

E-Mail System

FAU provides a computer account (FAUNet ID) to all faculty, staff and students, which includes e-mail. You can use MyFAU (the university's Web portal), to read your e-mail. You can also set up Outlook, or other mail clients on your computer to access it.

Faculty & Staff E-Mail

FAU provides each staff member with a Microsoft Office 365 e-mail account. This e-mail account is linked to your network account, so that both share the same username and password. Office 365 e-mail accounts provide:

Please be aware that access to the Office 365 e-mail account is removed when an employee is no longer employed at the university.

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Students E-Mail

FAU provides each students with an Owl Apps accounts featuring Owl Mail. Owl Apps is a customized version of Google’s popular suite of online productivity and collaboration tools designed especially for educational institutions. Owl Apps accounts provide:

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Forwarding E-Mail

When the University sends e-mail to FAU faculty, staff, or students, its policy is to send to only the official FAU e-mail address. Students may, if they choose, forward their e-mail to another account with the exception of students with @heath.fau.edu e-mail accounts. However, Faculty and Staff may not forward their email to another email account due to compliance needs of the university.

Forwarding your FAU e-mail isn't necessarily a good idea. To ensure that you receive your FAU e-mail, the Office of Information Technology recommends that you not forward your FAU e-mail account to any personal e-mail account.

FAU uses e-mail for much of its communication, such as student bills, financial aid disbursements, and emergency notices. To ensure that you receive your FAU e-mail, it is recommended that you not forward FAU emails to any personal e-mail accounts, all of which are using similar spam-blocking procedures. Also, if you have a problem receiving your FAU e-mail, our support team can better troubleshoot the problem with the mail is on FAU systems.