The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a robust and high-speed fiber optic network that interconnects all FAU campuses. The team supports all network devices on campus, from the high-performance core to the thousands of data ports and Wi-Fi access points that provide connectivity to hundreds of buildings occupied by students, faculty, and staff. OIT monitors all aspects of the network, known as FAUNET, and is constantly improving the speed and capacity as well as developing new services for the next generation of connected devices.

Getting Connected

Access to the FAUNET can be obtained through a direct hard-wired cable connection or wireless connection from most areas on the FAU campus. The FAU wireless network is designed for students, faculty, staff, and University guests, and provides mobile users fast and reliable network access to the Internet.

Visit the Wireless section for instructions on how to obtain access.

Users may be able to connect through FAU’s secure VPN infrastructure under certain circumstances. Go to the VPN section for details on how to get access.

Installing Network Connections

OIT can install new network connections or wireless access points on campus. To have a new connection installed, submit a ticket with the Help Desk that includes the following information:

  • Location: campus, building, and room number(s)
  • SmartTag to charge
  • Contact name and extension

A quote will be issued to you for approval before work begins.

Other Networking Projects

In addition to several important research initiatives and innovative high-performance computing projects, FAU is also a member of:

  • Florida LambdaRail, a consortium of higher-education institutions that are developing a state-wide, high-bandwidth research and education network for Florida

  • Internet2, a group of more than 200 U.S. universities collaborating with government and industry to develop advanced network applications for research and to further develop the Internet