The MYFAU portal is also the official FAU mobile app! Access FAU resources, check your University email, find your way with interactive maps, and more!

The MYFAU app is available on both Android and Apple stores. The app is optimized for multiple devices, from hand-held phones to tablets.

MYFAU is always accessible through a browser at

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  1. User Menu: Accessible from the person icon on the top right.

    Sign In/Sign Out of SSO.
    Switch Experience to move amoung different personas.
    Settings to customize app display format, font size, and so on.
  2. Messages: The Message Center houses messages sent by FAU via MYFAU. Note that this is not the same as email.
  3. Search: Searches for items only within MYFAU. This does NOT include items found in Self-Service, your email, and so on.
  4. Favorites: Tap the star icon on an article, map location, or event to save to your favorites.
  5. Main Menu: Tap the icon to open the main menu.
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We hope you enjoy using the MYFAU App!
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✓ = Authentication Required
FAU Self-Service ✓
Register for courses, check your schedule, pay fees, and more.
Email ✓
Access your FAU E-mail.
Canvas ✓
Check your grades, post to discussion forums and browse content across all your courses.
Success Network ✓
Connects you to the resources needed to be successful at FAU; advisors, faculty, tutors, and support staff.
Money Matters
Learn about and manage financial awards and other fiscal matters.
Explore FAU! Search campus buildings and pinpoint them to see their location, relative to your own.
Access FAU's online and printed library collections.
SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) is an online tool to evaluate the quality of instruction for your course.
Owl Central
For students, by students! Go to Owl Central to find clubs and organizations, events, and more.
News & Events
Be in the know with campus news, events, and social streams.
Know where the Owl Express Shuttle is at on the Boca Raton campus during its hours of operation.
Find out about degree requirements in progress (for Graduate Students only).
Degree Audit ✓
Learn how your FAU courses, transfer courses, and courses in progress apply toward your degree requirements.
What is MYFAU?
MYFAU is the online portal for the FAU community that is accessible from any web browser at or as an app to your device though theiTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Sign in with your FAU credentials for your personalize experience. If you don’t have FAU credentials, use the Guest persona to use great features like maps, directory, and more.
Can I access MYFAU from my phone or tablet?
Yes! MYFAU can be installed as an app to iOS (iPhones/iPads) and Android Devices. Download them from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.
How do I get FAU Alerts on my mobile device?
There are a 2 ways to get FAU Alerts to your mobile phone. When it comes to alerts, we recommend setting up all possible options!

Option 1: Text messages and/or phone call: Go to the official FAU Alerts page and follow the instructions based on if you are a Student, Staff and Faculty, or Non-FAU Entity.
Option 2: Push Notifications: Install the MYFAU App on your mobile phone and make sure you allow to receive push notifications from the app.

How do I turn on notifications on my mobile device?
The general method for turning on nofications varies depending on your device. Below are general steps for turning on notifications for iOS or Android devices. If you are still having issues, you may need to look into specifics for your device, or put in a ticket with the FAU Help Desk.

iOS: Go to Settings > Notifications, select the MYFAU app and make sure that Allow Notifications is on. Hint: make sure you have opened the app after installing.
Android: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications, select the MYFAU app and make sure that Allow Notifications is on.

I don't have FAU credentials can I still use MYFAU?
Absolutely! Select the Guest experience at the Sign In page to use many of the great features MYFAU has to offer.
To get FAU credentials, you need to become a student or employee at FAU.
How can I get my FAU e-mail on my mobile device?
There are a 2 ways to view your mail from your mobile device.

Option 1: Check your mail within MYFAU when you sign in with your FAU credentials.
Option 2: Use your device's built in mail client. Visit the "Access E-mail" page for instructions and suggested settings.

How do I find my Z Number and other information?
When you sign in to MYFAU, there will be a tab called "MY INFO". Clicking this button will expand to reveal your Z Number and other account info.
How do I change my persona or switch my experience?
Tap the User Menu icon in the top corner of the page (the person icon). When the menu opens, you will see a button that says "My Experience". Tab the button to go to a new page where you can select a new experience.
I am getting an error accessing MYFAU.

MYFAU had a big update recently and that might be causing you some access issues. Please clear your browser and/or app cache to correct this. If you are still experiencing issues getting to MYFAU, please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk.

NOTE: Don't forget to update any bookmarks you might have to the correct web address without any additional characters at the end:
Thank you for your patience as we make this transition!

Something is broken!
Submit a helpdesk ticket here.  Please note that issues with FAU Self-Service or registartion are not MYFAU related.
I would like to share my thoughts about MYFAU.

Great! Reach out to us at share your feedback about MYFAU. We want to hear what’s working and what’s not working so we can keep getting better!

You can also leave us a review at the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store