Jupiter Campus

Jupiter CampusLocated in Jupiter's Abacoa community, Florida Atlantic University’s John D. MacArthur Campus opened in the fall of 1999. The campus presently enrolls more than 1,300 students and offers a wide variety of upper-division and graduate courses from five of the University’s ten colleges: The Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College , the College for Design and Social Inquiry , the College of Education, the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters , and the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science.

Northern Technology Services (NTS) maintains more than 37 different types of facilities at the Jupiter Campus. The following is a summary of the facilities supported by NTS:

Computer Lab Facilities

Overall, Northern Technology Services (NTS) maintains 7 different lab facilities/spaces with more than 120 computers at the Jupiter Campus, distributed among the Library (LB), the Student Resources & Classroom (SR), Macarthur Administration/Classroom (AD), Honors College (HC), and the Hibel Fine Arts (HA) buildings. Below is a listing of the facilities:

OIT Open Computer Labs (General Purpose)
Room # Number of Computers
LB-105A 26
OIT Instructional Computer Labs (General Purpose/Classrooms)
Room # Number of Computers
SR-278 31
Departmental Instructional Computer Labs Managed by OIT-NTS
Room # Number of Computers
AD-122 17 (Dual boot Mac/Windows)
HC-111 26
Burrow 4
HA-105 2
HA-104 14

E-Classroom Facilities

Overall, there are 30 e-classrooms at the Jupiter campus, distributed among the Administration (AD), the Education and Classroom (EC), the Hibel Fine Arts (HA), the Honors College (HC), the Wilkes Psychology (WB), and the Student Resources (SR) buildings. Below is a listing of the facilities:

Room # Room #
AD-102 AD-202
AD-103 AD-204
AD-104 AD-205
AD-119 AD-206
AD-122 EC-202C
Room # Room #
EC-101 HA-102
EC-102 HA-104
EC-104 HC-114
EC-105 HC-115
EC-201 HC-116
Room # Room #
RF-119 SR-272
RE-201 SR-279
SR-209 SR-283
SR-258 SR-290
SR-270 WB-105



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