Senior Design Showcase Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Senior Design Showcase Projects

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Associate Chair and Professor Hari Kalva
Course: EGN 4952C Engineering Design 2

  1. LIbAR for Digital Twin​
  2. Automatic Multimedia Metadata Tagging & Text Summarization​
  3. Fast Text Detection​
  4. HVAC Monitoring System
  5. Quadratic Voting
  6. BookWyrm Federated Book Review​
  7. Palmacology
  8. Multi-Capable AR Program
  9. Wearable Heart Monitor​ing Device
  10. People Counter & Wait Time Estimator​
  11. Robotic Arm with Visual Recognition
  12. Underwater Visible Light Communication: SubLC for L3Harris​
  13. GPS & Targeting Pod​
  14. Hummingbird – Faulty solar panel detection from drone images​
  15. BLOWFELD – Flexible Online Data Collection and Storage​
  16. Stream Video Conversion and Metadata Tagging
  17. Fast Histograms for Online Gaming using Intel GPU
  18. 4G/5G Data Buoy​
  19. ​DTN Wildlife Monitoring
  20. Media Sentiment Analysis for Supply Chain Risk Assessment


Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering

Professor Erik Engeberg
EML 4551 Design Project

  1. Mobile Fire Extinguishing Robot Team
  2. MARV
  3. Poomba: The Automated Dog Waste Cleaner
  4. Raybot: Manta Ray Robot
  5. RecyclaBot
  6. Lionfish Dispatch Drone
  7. Bottom Ocean Trash Collector (BOTL)


Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Dr. Fred Bloetscher, Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Community Outreach
Course: CGN 4804C Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering Design 2

  1. The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens (Illuminate Engineering)
  2. Comprehensive Redesign of the City of Riviera Beach Water Treatment Plant (Waterarc Engineering)
  3. A1 Trusses HQ (Team Convergence)
  4. A1-Industries of Florida, Inc. Factory Headquarters Office Building (Team: Divide by Zero)
  5. S-28 Spillway Redesign (Team: Atlas Atlantic Solutions)